Legitimate online casinos are not hard to find on the internet, but there are some fake casinos that ruin the name of the whole online casino industry. These casinos exist in the market with the motive of stealing money and identity from the people.

They create a strategic trap to make people believe that they are real, and when people start to invest their money, they just run away without any notice. Such online casino scams are very common these days.

Hence, if you will already know about the possible scams that can happen to you, then there is a possibility that you can prevent them as well. With this reference, we have listed some of the major scams of online casinos, and you must know about them if you really look forward to putting your money into online gambling.

1. Deposit robbery


First and the most performed online casino scam is deposit robbery. As the name suggests, deposit robbery means taking away or stealing the initial money that you put into gambling. Casinos have a policy to ask for deposits from the customers before beginning the actual game, the money they collect for entices is known as a security deposit.

However, once you deposit the money with a casino, they seize your money and you are left with no way to withdraw your money. Besides, when you try to withdraw your deposit money, casino websites redirect you toward other different links that are filled with scams.

In this way, you risk your money, along with your personal data as well. Also, knowingly online casinos ask for deposit money which is less in amount, this is because people will try getting it back but in the long run they will forget about it easily.

Thus, whenever you play at an online casino, like Singapore online casino, make sure that the casino is licensed and registered by dignitaries. Do read its terms, conditions, and policies associated with money, and before depositing any amount, research the casino thoroughly.

2. Ransomware scam


Another menacing attack that is associated with online casinos is ransomware scams. In this, an online casino asks for your personal information like credit card details, and other bank details to enroll you in gambling.

But this isn’t the process of enrollment, rather they try to create a scam through it, as no legit casino asks for your bank or credit details. So, if any casino asks for the same then it is surely fake. Once you provide the casino with your personal information, they suddenly block your access to your own device.

Your screen gets shut and you lose your control over your own device, and your device is then controlled by the people running the casino website. This is actually a very serious attack that most online casinos do, it is actually scary to lose control over your personal data.

For this reason, offline casinos are better when compared to online casinos, as there is no chance of risking your data and device. But if at all you plan to play at online casinos, then you need to be extra careful, otherwise, it is very easy for the website makers to track and steal your data and control your device.

3. Identification scam


The next big scam in the online casino industry is identity theft. Identity theft can be very devastating for a person, as here the person loses more than money. Losing money can be terrifying, but sometimes people tend to forget about it until they have lost millions or billions.

But when it comes to identity theft then it becomes more serious, as casino website makers can do anything with your identity, and there are numerous possible ways for them to use your identity for unethical purposes.

Besides, the worst that they can do with your identity is, they can sell your personal data and sensitive information to random people for money. In this way, you lose track of your own self, and you remain unaware of, to whom your identity is leaked.

Thus, this is another big reason why online casinos are more dangerous than offline casinos. In offline casinos, there is no way to steal your personal identity, and even if they try to do so, you can easily register a complaint to help you. But there is no room for help in online casinos, as they steal your identity and run away quickly.

3. Denial to pay winnings

This can be termed as one of the heartbreaking scams of online casinos, as you put so much effort and strategy to win the game but, in the end, you are denied your winnings.

This scam is very common in online casinos, they try to attract you in so many ways and insist you invest in gambling, and at the time of giving rewards for your hard work, they just refuse to pay the money.

Besides, when you win a jackpot or any big amount in online casinos, they simply cease or lock your money, so that you are unable to withdraw the amount. And even when you try to make contact with them to ask for money, they just simply refuse or go missing without saying anything.

Also, it is hard to keep track of such online scammers because they do not share any relevant contact details through which you can contact them. Hence, choose casinos wisely on the internet, read reviews of the people who already invested their time and money into it, and know whether or not they are rewarded with money. Honest reviews about the casino can really help you to make wise decisions.


Online casinos are fun and exciting until they are away from serious scams. Thus, choosing a safe platform to put your money is very vital, and you can only achieve this by doing thorough research about the casino, in which you are planning to gamble. Checking for licenses, registrations, terms, policies, and reviews can really help you to remain on the safer side. Also, avoid investing huge amounts at online casinos when you are new, and start betting over small amounts. This is one good way to judge the casino, and its performance based on money and identity security aspects.