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Many businesses are operating on a small scale and pay less attention to securing their network. If you have a small-scale business and you have a senior or an executive position, you should make sure that you cover all bases. You have to think about measures and techniques that can help you secure your network.

Ignoring this can put you in a very dangerous situation. It is a fact that no matter what the size of the organization, you need to enforce critical and crucial measures to safeguard your internet connection. Your internet connection is more than just a bunch of wires interconnected to form a web. It has information that can be used by miscreants and can result in many kinds of losses that might be critical in nature.

The corporate world revolves around many myths, misconceptions, and many other hoaxes. These are about networks, network security, and users who use these networks for their routine tasks. Let’s have a look at the following myths that are common amid the industry:

The Data You Have Is Safe Until And Unless You Have A Good Password

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People believe that if they have a strong password for themselves, they are secure. But a strong password is not a complete solution to secure your networks, devices and other machines that need to be kept safe. Sometimes, no matter how strong and complicated is the password you use, a very careful and calculated attack by a hacker and/or a cracker can result in all of your guards and security going down.

The use of two-factor authentication might mitigate the problem to a greater extent. You can always make sure that you use special characters, alphanumeric characters for your password. This is one of the best practices adopted by users worldwide and throughout the industry as well.

A Good Antivirus Software Helps You Stay Safe

Antivirus software might sound like the only solution to help you stay secure online. But the problem here is that sometimes people don’t understand the difference and the working of antivirus software. Internet security is like an umbrella that includes network and information security by using specialized software or programs.

Your antivirus is only useful if there is a virus or malware inside your system. If there is an attack by another individual or hacker, the antivirus software will not be able to help you much. However, you can use a lot of different antivirus software using Spectrum internet offered by BuyTVinternetPhone.

My Small Business Does Not Need Security, Hackers Only Target Industrial Giants

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Hackers, crackers and other malicious agents who try to break in your security, just because somebody in your company has poor IT security practices. There are many ways a miscreant plans a breach. There are many ways to actually mitigate the threat that you might suffer. This is possible by using the correct software or application that one adds in their arsenal to combat such miscreant acts. Also, one has to stay alert on a high note so that they can identify, diagnose and destroy an attack.

The IT Guys Can Fix Everything Wrong

These are individuals seen in your organization and on the floor who are lurking throughout the office. The thing is that there is a difference between different individuals and their job roles. In case there is a breach or an attack, it will take them some time and resources to fix this. They analyze the situation and identify such problems too. So, the thing is that you can ask IT staff to actually diagnose a problem if you are having a hardware issue. But in case, there is a virus or a medium to a low-level problem or breach IT staff might not always get you a solution.

Firewalls Are There To Protect You From Attacks

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Firewalls are one of the best tools to help you stay safe online. Just like an antivirus program, firewalls might be able to help you out to a certain extent. But there is no wisdom in actually relying on firewalls, that is a bad idea. Make sure that you have these programs installed in your systems and that you keep an eye out for any suspicious malicious attack or any kind of malicious activity.

You Think You Are Ready To Survive An Attack

The world and the technology around us are evolving at a faster pace. This means that as we speak, we might be having someone getting ready or learning a new type of cyber-attack. The main idea is to stay ahead when it comes to planning to respond to an attack. Even then, if you think that you are ready to respond to an attack, you might give this another thought.

The Current Generation Is More Concerned About Having A Secured Internet
It is a common misconception that the current generation is concerned about security. These people need to understand the fundamentals of securing themselves online. Millennials and Gen Z are more vulnerable when they are online. Also, the thing is that these generations are least bothered about their security. At times they seem to ignore them and are vulnerable online. There is a need to educate people and internet users about basic security measures and methods.


It is a known fact that people in the world are connected to the internet. Sometimes users get in trouble when somebody hacks their accounts. People and organizations get into trouble when there is a breach in the corporate world. Investing in information and system security is going to get them an edge over many other giants and organizations worldwide.