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We know sports betting is a great way to have fun, but also to make money. Of course, this does not know that every player wins. On the contrary, there are far fewer people who win the system than those who lose the money. Unlike slot machines and other random games where the key factor is luck, in card games, as well as in sports betting, in addition to luck, certain knowledge is desirable – mathematics.

At the outset, the most important thing is to understand that sports betting brokers are hard, but not impossible, to beat. Bookmakers, on the other hand, have a great mathematical advantage. If you want to neutralize the advantage of bookmakers, you need to understand how they work, and what is the secret of their success! It is very hard to believe that any factor other than luck is important in betting. But you will learn that sports betting is no different from any other business investment.

The psyche plays a very important role in gambling and sports betting. Very often we can see people betting for years, not winning, people who believe in their helplessness, thinking it is impossible to win because there is a conspiracy theory. Guided by such thoughts, they turn into classic gamblers who play mechanically without any hope of winning, and at the same time, they have developed an addiction to this game.

But sports betting also has its bright side, which only real players discover. Those who play for only one goal – victory. Winning is the only thing that interests them, and they do not see betting as fun, but as a risk necessary to achieve their own goals. We can call every individual who got much more out of the bookmaker than he left in it a real player. Here are some tips that can help you succeed.

1. Pay attention to the coefficient

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A coefficient is a number that tells us how many times we will increase the money invested in case we accurately predict the outcome of a match. Anyone who has ever been involved in sports betting, even recreationally, has certainly had the opportunity to see that there are several different types of odds that sports bookmakers offer to their customers. There are several types of coefficients, and the most popular are decimal, fractional, and American. In addition to these three, there are other Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian type coefficients, but they are less well known and popular mainly in the countries whose name they bear.

The coefficient represents the level of probability that something will happen or that something will not happen. In a simple example, imagine throwing a coin. There are two possibilities, to be a letter or to be ahead. So, there is a 50% chance that what we predict will happen. What the odds in bookmakers show is how likely it is that the same thing will happen, but not in percentages, but in odds. the lower the odds, the better the chances of winning and vice versa. On bookmakeradvisor you will find more tips that will help you win.

2. Assessment of match outcomes

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Each bookmaker determines the odds for itself, but they are usually approximately the same in all bookmakers. Bookmakers employ a variety of betting experts who then determine the odds based on an estimate of the likelihood of the results. When estimating the probability of the results are taken consideration: the quality of the team or player, current form, mutual ratios player or team results, possible injuries, motivation, home advantage terrain, and all other factors that could affect the result.

3. Value bet

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Perhaps the most important term in professional betting is a value bet. It symbolizes finding profitability in a particular bet. We all know that there is a high probability that a team with a odds of 1.25 will win, and even that we have not heard of that club. This question is actually looking for value in the odds and bets, and always ask yourself in your head before you pay the ticket. It’s hard to ultimately teach someone to find a profitable bet. It takes math, logic, information, dexterity, and ultimately luck. The ability to find value bets you either have or don’t have. It will be easier for you with it, much harder without it. There is various software that finds a value bet instead of you. In addition to automatically finding your value bet bets, it will also keep all the scores and performance statistics for you.

4. Renew knowledge of equations

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When it comes to math in betting, the outcome of a winner in sports betting depends on a very simple equation. We will present an example with a very simple equation Y = X * Z, where X is the cut coefficient of betting, and Z is the rate of successful prediction. If the product (Y) is greater than 1, you will be the winner in sports betting in the long run. Otherwise, the smaller the 1, the faster you lose your capital. The score (Y) in this mathematical equation distinguishes players between winners and losers and betting systems between profitable and losing money.

So, there are two solutions:

stick to the same method of selecting our bets while looking for better odds, or to improve the probability of winning our betting system. In the first case, the comparison of quotas is crucial, while in the second we need to work on the parameters and variables of our system.

Final thoughts

Each type of odds is a display of the probability that one team or individual will win a sporting event. The setting of quotas and their height reflects the probability of someone’s triumph, but they are often not based on the real state of affairs but on the expectations of the public and experts. So always look for the best odds and never “merge” into the opinion of the majority. There is no room for emotion and loyalty in betting, which means you need to bet on the club that has the best chance of winning, and not on someone else just because it’s your favorite.