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Few things can outmatch a great summer vacation. When you’re planning for a holiday, you’re going to be busy for days going through the details of where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and what you’re going to bring with you. All these aspects will need to be considered prior to your trip to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that you spend a good holiday with your friends or family and make memories that will last for years. Now, with the summer season approaching, and holiday planning is underway, we have compiled a useful checklist of things you’ll need to go through to have a vacation void of unfortunate events or complications.

How You Will Get There?

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To start, how you’re traveling is what’s going to determine where you’re going. This is why this is the first step you should consider when planning for a summer vacation. There are other factors that will contribute to your choices, like your own preferences and budget, but the means of transport are what you should consider first. If you’re going to travel by car, you will have to choose a place that is 8-10 hours away from your home at the most. However, if you’re traveling by air, you can practically choose any location.

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1.  Choose the Best Location

Whether you want to go to the same place you visited a few years back or try out a new location, you’ll have to make a list of all the potential destinations you can go to. This step is important, especially if you’re traveling with friends and family, and everyone is suggesting a different location. After you create a list of all your options, start narrowing them down according to your budget, the type of travel experience you’re going for, and the typical weather in these places. If you haven’t found your destination yet, you can always conduct some research for more options.

2.  Where You Will Stay

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There is no fixed option which we recommend here, as the place you’ll choose will mainly depend on the travel experience you want and your budget. Usually, you will have a lot of options (like hotels, resorts, or cabin rentals). However, what we do recommend is that you don’t allocate most of your budget to your accommodations, as your stay there will be brief, and you’ll probably be spending most of your time outside anyway. If you intend to rent a car, however, you should consider package discounts that offer hotel and rental car fares at lower prices.

3.  What to Do When You Are There

After following all the steps above, you will need to do your research on the place you’ve chosen to decide what you’re going to do when you’re actually there. Since you’re going to spend your summer in that location, there will be a lot of activities and places to go to. Here is where you should start.

4.   Explore Your Surroundings

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If you’re spending your summer vacation in a place you’ve never been to before, you should start by exploring the local places like restaurants, museums, shops, parks, etc. and experience all the advantages this place has to offer. Some people prefer to have someone guide them through, but if you’re feeling adventurous, going solo should probably be the way to go.

5.   Go to Local Events

It is summer, so there’ll probably be multiple seasonal festivals around you. These events, especially music and art festivals, are much more fun when you go with your friends or local acquaintances. If the weather is nice, then you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the outdoors along with the music and the food you share with your travel companions.

6.   Natural Locales

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If you’re looking for an adventure in nature, you can look up the nearest spots for camping or hiking and discover more beautiful spots along the way. You can also go to the beach for a swim, or you can go canoeing. A road trip is going to be fun and will allow you to discover multiple locations in a short time. Regardless of your chosen destination, there surely will be multiple options and adventures which you can enjoy. Thinking of these activities beforehand might be wise just to make sure everyone is on board and willing to engage in these activities with you.

7.  Bring Your Camera

The purpose of summer vacations is to have a memorable time, but it wouldn’t hurt to have something tangible to remind you of that time. This is why you should bring your camera along and take pictures of anything you deem significant. However, make sure that you don’t let the act of taking pictures prevent you from enjoying the scenery. Some people only take pictures of everything they see (even their meals) to upload to their Instagram account, which defies the purpose of enjoying the vacation if done excessively.

8.  Find a Job or Volunteer

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Sometimes, summer vacation can go on and on, and even become boring after a while. To overcome the boredom, you can look for a job around town and apply for it. You can also look for volunteering positions on the internet, or anywhere around town. Finding a part-time job or a volunteering opportunity will give you a sense of purpose, and you can even earn experience and information that you wouldn’t have acquired at home.

Ultimately, summer vacations can be the most exciting time of the year, as there are a lot of things that you can do. As such, planning everything to perfection is necessary to enjoy the optimal travel experience. The key to making your summer vacation unforgettable is good planning, consistency, and a generous budget. So, be sure to refer to these recommendations on how to make your next summer holiday exciting and truly unforgettable!