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With over 300,000 bikes being stolen in England and Wales each year, it’s no wonder why keeping your bike safe is more important than ever. Bikes are key investments that can cost upwards of hundreds of pounds, so keeping them safe is simply logical. These vehicles play a key role in many people’s lives, being their sources of exercise, transport and fun. However, you need to keep your bike safe from the elements as well as other people.

Bicycles can be an easy thing to steal because people don’t know how to keep them safe. Thieves are always on the lookout for an opportunity and often settle for parts of the bike if they can’t get the whole thing. Keeping your bike safe is a process, and is influenced by a number of factors. If you take them into consideration, you have a greater chance of keeping your bike safe.

Bike racks

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According to The first step to keeping your bike safe is having a safe place to keep it. Investing in a bicycle rack is a great way to ensure your bike’s safety for many reasons. Bicycle racks are a flexible solution for whether you have more than one bike at your house, a single bike, or even are an employer looking to encourage your staff to cycle to work. They are an easy and cost-effective way to protect your bike.

A bike rack’s main benefit is that it provides a place from which you can secure your bike. They come in a variety of sizes and forms, whether you’re looking for a multiple bike rack or a wall-mounted bike rack. Whatever your needs, there is a bike rack solution available.

Bike shelters

A bike shelter is a great way to store multiple bikes in a secure way. Not only do they serve a similar purpose of being a place from which to secure your bikes, but bike shelters provide the extra benefit of weather protection. As a bike shelter provides complete cover over your bikes, no matter the weather, your bike will be safe. Rain and heavy winds can damage your bike over time through rusting and physical damage, so keeping your bike covered, especially when outside, is vital for good bike safety.

Get a good lock

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Now this one may seem obvious, but investing in the right lock is crucial in keeping your bike safe. And the key isn’t just getting the right lock, but using the lock correctly. There have been countless cases of people’s bikes being partially stolen, with them returning to only a frame. And this happens because they haven’t locked their bike correctly. Using multiple locks when leaving your bike for a prolonged period of time, including overnight, can ensure your bike’s safety. It’s also advisable to put the locks on different parts of your bike, so the frame and wheels, for example, are both protected.

There are many types of locks that you can use to protect your bike, depending on your needs and area.

Cable lock

A cable lock provides the lowest level of protection due to the ease with which someone can break it. Any thief with a pair of cable cutters could break through a cable lock with relative ease, so a cable lock is only really suitable for when you need to leave your bike unattended for short periods of time, for example popping into a shop. A cable lock serves well as a visual deterrent from theft.


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The D-lock is the ideal lock for keeping your bike safe due to its versatility and level of security it provides. This type of lock is difficult to break, making it a great deterrent for thieves. These locks are easy to carry and use, so are always on hand.

Security chain

For those who live in high-risk areas, a high-security option such as security chains may be your best option. Often used for motorcycles, security chains are still suitable for use with bicycles too.

Register your bike

Another way to boost your bike’s safety is by registering it. Your bicycle has a serial number on it which can be registered at your local police station. In the event that your bike is stolen, registering it means that if it’s found, the authorities know to give it back to you.

Pick a good location

Choosing where to store your bike is a big part of how safe it will be. If you need to leave it overnight, you should choose somewhere with good lighting, and in an area that is CCTV monitored too if possible. This will act as a deterrent to potential thieves as they know that if they try to steal your bike, they’ll be caught on camera.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your bike for a smaller amount of time, such as a few hours, the same rules apply. Many public spaces offer spaces to park bikes, and these are better than a lamppost or bench when it comes to storing your bike in a safe way.

Take out insurance on your bike

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The last step to protecting your bike is through taking out bicycle insurance on it. No matter what happens to your bike, from theft to accidents to weather damage, you can insure it under most insurance providers. Just like you would with a car or other valuable item, insurance is a viable option that can ensure that if something happens to your bike, your investment won’t be completely lost.

Taking out these steps to secure your bike is a great way to protect your investment. Whether it’s from the weather, or from the threat of theft, these tips are fantastic ways that can keep your bike safe. Doing so also keeps your bike in good condition and avoids any unnecessary trips to the repair shop, which can be costly in terms of both money and time. This way your bike stays whole and in great condition.