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CBD oil is an increasingly popular product worldwide. Although it was discovered more than seventy years ago, it has only become widely used in the last decade. It is known for its many medicinal properties, which have a positive effect on various diseases, without psychoactive effects, because it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC and other psychoactive substances contained in marijuana.

That is why it is legal in many more countries than marijuana. They are obtained from industrial hemp, more precisely from resin, and that is why it does not affect our consciousness in any way. Even if it is possible to find traces of THC, they are so small that they have no effect on consciousness.

With the growing popularity of CBD oils, the ways of consuming them are becoming more and more different. Today we will briefly tell you about all the benefits of CBD oil and one of the most interesting ways of consumption. And those are CBD gummies. We will explain step by step how to make CBD gummies yourself because there is no need to buy them, it is best to make them yourself, and then they do not contain additives and other harmful substances like most you can buy, though there are exceptions.

Properties of CBD oil

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Many beneficial effects for our health have been confirmed, and new applications of CBD for various diseases are constantly being discovered. For the general population, which does not have a specific disease, it is very useful for strengthening the immune system. Also, whether you have insomnia or not, I have shown it to be a great remedy for insomnia, but it also generally improves sleep quality because it has a calming effect on the brain and nervous system. It has even been shown to reduce inflammation of the brain. It is also used to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain. It directly affects the increased secretion of serotonin and thus eliminates many diseases. And you can’t develop an addiction, which is the most important thing.

Pharmaceutical drugs against depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other diseases have many side effects and it is easy to develop an addiction. CBD is a product from nature and that is why it is the healthiest and best choice. It can even reduce high blood pressure. Improvements have also been observed in people with epilepsy.

It is often given to cancer patients in the fight against cancer, as well as in diabetics. It is clear to you that there is almost no health problem, on which CBD has no positive effect.

Ways of consuming

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There are different ways of consumption. Oils, various body products, pills, tinctures and many other ways. Edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way to consume. These can be different types of chocolates, candies, lollipops. And gummies are definitely one of the tastiest ways you can consume CBD. Ever since childhood, we all adore gummies. Why not combine your favorite candy and CBD? So today we will explain to you the process of making homemade CBD gummies, step by step. You see, it is not difficult and does not require much time.

What should you have before you start making?

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We will first tell you what ingredients you need, to have everything you need before you start making. First of course you need CBD oil. When it comes to dosing, it varies solely from your preferences. And whether it is ordinary oil or concentrate as well as how much you make.

Divide the concentration in milligrams by the number of gummies you make and you will know exactly how much there will be in each milligram of CBD. Our advice to you is that if you are doing it for the first time, start with a lower concentration. It is better to be weaker than desired for the first time than to be too strong for you. Check this out if you are too impatient to create your own gummies from the scratch.

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Don’t eat them too much. You should try one or two first to assess the effects. Then you need fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or fruit juice. You will decide this depending on the time of year and what flavor you want, so whether you can find it fresh or just as a juice. Then you need gelatin. It can be powdered or liquid, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you buy flavorless gelatin, because if it has taste, it will spoil the taste you chose by choosing the fruit.

You can also add some of the sweeteners, preferably stevia or honey. Someone also adds water, corn syrup, or vitamin C powder. And you need a silicone mold, which can be of any shape. Some prefer it to be in the shape of a marijuana leaf, while others prefer gummies in the original shape of a bear. Also, make sure to check out Miami Rave CBD for Calm Gummies as well as other types of CBD Gummies

Step by step DIY guide

Step 1.

Use a blender to turn the fruit into a puree. Make sure that not a single piece remains that is not chopped. Although I said in the previous part of the text that it doesn’t matter which fruit you choose, we still suggest that you avoid pineapple, kiwi, and mango, because they contain certain substances that do not go well with gelatin.

Step 2:

Add gelatin to a bowl of water and leave for a few minutes, avoiding stirring. Also, the water must not be heated.

Step 3:

After a few minutes, stir in the gelatin and then slowly heat it up.

Step 4:

Increase the temperature more and more, until the gelatin becomes completely liquid.

Step 5:

When it is completely liquid, it is time to mix the fruit, gelatin, and CBD. Don’t forget to stir. Everything must be an atmospheric mass.

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Step 6:

Then pour everything into a mold and leave to cool. It is best to leave it in the fridge, but if you are in a hurry, you can also put it in the freezer. You just have to check regularly, because you must avoid ice over the gummies.

Step 7:

When you see that the mixture has taken the shape of a mold, take it out of the mold and that would be it. It is ready for consumption. Store in the refrigerator.


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Your gummies are ready to eat. They will be just as good as Natural Calm Gummies. If you’re worried about whether it’s legal to make CBD gummies, don’t worry. Although CBD edibles are not legal everywhere to sell, if you make them for your own use, there will be no problem.