Whether a conference or an exhibit, events allow businesses to market their products to the attendees. You also need various signage to help guests move around the venue. All these communication requirements need something that will catch the eyes of all the people in attendance.

Below are some guides you can incorporate into your next business events.

1. Lightbox Displays

Lightboxes are a perfect visual effective tool for communicating to prospects about your business. This tool features an LED lighting system inside the frames and a printed fabric graphic. The LED lights and eye-catching graphics increase this signage tool’s ability to drive awareness.

While you can use wall-mounted lightboxes, a freestanding lightbox display design ensures portability.

2. Banners


Signage banners are a perfect guide for any event type, as they are suitable for outdoor and indoor venues. Thanks to its versatility, you can use this signage tool to send varying messages. For example, you can have a welcome message on a banner at the entrance or use banners to help guests spot your stand.

Banners help you market your business to potential customers by boldly displaying the message you want to communicate during the event. This way, you can create more brand awareness and generate some business leads.

3. Flags

Flags are a perfect choice for outdoor events. Since they can move freely, a good design can easily catch the eye of your audience from far away. A flag will also stand out and catch the attention of most participants in a conference where every corporate entity uses rigid signage tools like banners and lightboxes.

Flags also come in handy when you want to look less corporate, thanks to their simple design that gives your brand a fun and relaxed image. If you want to create a memorable impression by featuring images from the event on your website or your brochure, this signage will look good in photos and videos.

4. Branded Tablecloths


Instead of having plain tables at your stand, you use branded tablecloths as the final touch for this crucial space. Since many people will walk past your table, having your logo on the front side is a unique way to extend your brand’s reach. Don’t add too much text on table clothes, as they can easily become eyesores.

5. Wraps

Wraps are an effective tool for spicing up dull spaces. Below are some wrap options perfect for events:

  • Elevator wraps ─ These are perfect advertisement tools in events where attendees use the elevator to arrive at the venue. Moreover, you can easily change these wraps to match the event’s theme.
  • Wall wraps ─ This signage tool can easily turn your space into an eye-catching messaging board. Choose the right graphics to display your brand in a catchy way.
  • Stair wraps ─ These are perfect signage to help attendees find your event’s venue. You also make use of unused space to advertise your brand.
  • Barrier wraps ─ Use graphics to advertise your brand by adding branded wraps on the barriers used to guide the flow of attendees to various prominent places in the venue. This position will make your message visible to a larger audience, as most people must pass through such points.

6. Step and Repeat Wall


This marketing tool is perfect for lavish events, like galas and product premieres. Place the backdrop of repeating logos along the entrance to ensure they are the first thing guests see when arriving at the venue. These can be your logos or those of brands sponsoring the event.

Since guests will take some pictures in front of the wall and share them on social media, brand awareness is long-lasting and reaches a larger audience.

7. Welcome Signs

A well-designed welcome sign sends a good impression to the event’s attendees. Avoid too much text and choose an appealing design, as it is the first visual contact with your guests. The venue and type of event should determine the best welcome sign to use. For example, you can use yard signs for outdoor events and wall graphics for indoor events.


Parting Words

Since events attract potential clients who are easier to convert, businesses should use the available marketing opportunity to build brand awareness.

A well-thought combination of the signage tools described above can have a significant marketing impact, no matter the type of event or the venue.