Commercial spaces are the biggest consumers of the lighting industry. The business is entirely dependent on the lighting layout. It is specifically essential as these public spaces barely have a natural lighting source and the business hours are usually round the clock.

These fixtures essentially increase the appeal of these spaces and attract customers which in turn generate revenue.

Moreover in other commercial spaces like offices, schools, hospitals they enhance the productivity and overall ambiance of space while boosting the health of the people in that area. There are commercial light fixtures for both indoors and outdoors to serve all the lighting needs of any commercial area which you can browse here.

It is important to choose LED integrated models of these lights or retrofit traditional lamps with high-quality LED lamps as they produce higher lumens and last for more than 11 years.

Indoor commercial lights


Indoor commercial lights are for general lighting to keep the respective tasks of these spaces running and in order. Most of the office and school spaces have modular grid ceilings which support the installation of these light fixtures. A few of these light fixtures are:

Troffer lights

Troffer lights are the oldest source of light in these spaces. It is square or rectangular in shape and this light fixture houses 2-4 lamps each. Originally only fluorescent T8 and T12 lamps were used but now troffer light fixtures are available in integrated LEDs or retrofit LED lamps which are far more effective than older troffer fixtures. Troffer lights have several different reflector types which enhance the light spread.

Shop lights

Shop lights are another valuable light fixture for commercial spaces. They allow a lot of room for experimentation and are large of use in almost every commercial space. Shop light fixtures have integrated LEDs and they have mounting brackets which allow two different types of installation for different ceiling types, i.e suspend mounting, surface mounting. There are also many variations of shop lights available known as wraparound lights, canopy lights, etc.

Vapor tight lights


Vapor tight lights are another form of commercial lights which are ingress protected against all harmful environmental factors. The lamp is sealed inside a gasket lens and the housing of the fixture is tough and resistant against all harsh factors. Vapor tight light fixtures have a large commercial application in industries, food or medicine processing factories, supermarkets, garages, etc. These lights can withstand fluctuating temperatures, high pressure of water, dust, and chemicals. All commercial and industrial grade vapor tight light fixtures are available in three ratings: IP65, IP66, and IP67. Similarly, LED vapor tight lights are unfazed by cold temperatures so they are the best source of illumination in freezing cold temperatures like warehouses or cold storage units.

LED panel lights

LED panel lights are the most advanced lighting technology introduced by manufacturers. They have a very slim and sleek design profile and they can replace troffer light fixtures in modular ceilings. Their usage is largely indicated in office spaces as well as schools and hospitals. LED panel lights are innovative and they are available in a range of sizes and designs for any kind of lighting needs. They are smart, efficient, and produce high-quality light which is glare-free and directional.

Outdoor commercial lights


Outdoor commercial lights are another popular category of lighting which is more of a need than an accessory. They provide daylight-like light around nighttime and supply uninterrupted powerful lighting which enhances the security, ambiance, and safety of all outdoor spaces.


Wall pack light fixtures installed on the surface of walls around the buildings. They are available in a number of sizes. Wall packs provide directional lighting as they are available in cut-off designs. They are for general as well as ambient lighting and largely of use in spaces where other light sources are unable to function. The directional lighting and highly graded fixture are suitable for outdoors and are also available in decorative designs for offices, restaurants, etc.

Wall pack lights have adjustable beam angles which provide narrow to wide beamed light. They are commonly installed around entrances, pathways, or boundary walls of any building.


Floodlights are powerful luminaires that flood the area with light. They are generally for stadiums, parking lots, or any open space around buildings or any public space. They are available in many different sizes and designs which facilitate any kind of lighting needs. The different types of floodlights are:

1. Security light


Security lights are smaller floodlights that are equipped with cameras and motion sensors. These lights provide bright light for visibility at night times and keep all atrocious activities around residential and commercial spaces at bay.

2. Street lights

Street lights are another category of floodlights that have a broader spectrum of application across, streets, landscapes, walkways, grounds, etc. they are available in a number of sizes and designs with integrated LED for long-term maintenance-free usage.

Every floodlight fixture has three to six different kinds of mounting options which facilitate the installation process and keep the fixture working.

Conclusively, there is a vast range of fixtures modulated for various applications, therefore it is essential to work the layout to determine the requirements of these spaces and then make the purchase. LED light fixtures are favorable as they are efficient, longer-lasting, and require little to no maintenance. Hence they help save up a lot of costs on electricity consumption as well as maintenance which positively impacts the profit margin. It facilitates the public by producing bright high-quality light which does not produce any buzzing or humming sounds, is dimmable, and also glare-free which does not cause headaches, migraines and boosts productivity.