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When the words work, job, business is mentioned, we often associate it with an office space. However, a new manner of work has emerged that led to freelancers and virtual workspaces. Working habits and how we utilize the workplace are also continuously evolving. Freelancers sell their work or provide services by the hour or by the task, which enables them to work anywhere. Various companies as well have adopted remote working options, and online businesses are continuously emerging. Thus, the birth of coworking spaces!

What is a Coworking Space

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Cowork space is a blend of different individuals working at a large space, with each having different industry tasks. It can be seen as a neutral space where individuals can work independently on various projects or groups working on the same project. Many consider a coworking space a shared space where cost savings are the primary advantage as a common infrastructure, and some services are shared. It is similar to a traditional office with basic office equipment such as printers, WiFi, conference rooms, and some with even a lunchroom.

Aside from the cost savings that you can get from a coworking space, there are more reasons why coworking space is vital. Execu-Suites offers co-working spaces that are membership based workplaces with a diverse group of freelancers and independent professionals.

Working in a Professional Setting

Working at home or from your home office can sometimes lead to developing improper work habits. With a coworking space, individuals will be working alongside other professionals serving in different industries. The professional setting and vibe from others in the area will encourage one to act and be more professional that will show off in their output as well.

If freelancers find themselves in a coworking space with others having similar tasks as theirs, this might also motivate them because of the healthy competition. Having these people around could also be a source of useful advice, additional tips, and new tricks to survive in the freelancing world.

Productivity and Creativity

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A shared space can also increase productivity in your freelancing profession. It is the social atmosphere of a coworking environment that encourages you to get out of bed and do your freelancing job. You will become less distracted from home surroundings, and you will be committed to work because you can see engaged professionals and start-up owners around you. Also, the minute that you dress up for work, your mindset will be instantly changed, and you will also have a fresh approach with your freelance project.

Relative to productivity, you may also find some coworking space to be a source of inspiration for your freelancing tasks. Some coworking spaces may increase the level of creativity within you. After a short time, you can expeditiously burn out within the walls of your home. Coworking spaces are usually designed beautifully to enhance the creative thinking of those working inside. Good lighting, as well as attractive color schemes, are utilized in these spaces.

Feeling a Sense of Community

Isolation and loneliness may be a disadvantage of working from home, but a coworking space delivers a sense of community to an individual. Working in a shared space, even if you are not familiar with others around you, will provide a sense that you are with coworkers and lessen that feeling of disconnection. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose when or who to converse with.

With various people working in a coworking space, you also have the opportunity to expand your network, whether for your business or social circle. According to JustCo, working on this shared space provides an advantage to internationalize your community of members, so your business is no longer confined to one region. You will get the chance to meet different professionals with varying goals, achievements, background, and attitudes. It is even possible to meet new clients or find a partner to collaborate with on your current and future projects. You will never know if the person you will meet will be a future CEO in their start-up company, and maybe knowing that person will get you an advantage. Furthermore, the people you meet can even refer you to other clients, which can lead to more opportunities for a better income.


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Being in a central location, you can save a lot for your coffee break. Some individuals find working with a coffee as a habit to make them awake and more productive. As a digital nomad, you may find working on coffee shops as a necessity at the expense of spending your hard-earned cash to sit and drink inside the coffee shop. Sometimes, you may find some have weak to almost terrible internet connections, and there are instances that some of the people who are chatting will be distracting for your work. This is very uncomfortable and less productive. A better alternative to working at coffee shops is to find a coworking space!

For start-up business owners, a coworking space will be a way to minimize your expenses, particularly on monthly leases. Most office spaces are usually expensive because you are going to lease it on a per-square-foot basis. In a coworking space, you only need to pay a membership fee depending on the space or area that you rented, such as a desk chair with a table. Eventually, you may want to avail a premium membership or rental fee that is good for having a personal cabin or personal space, or a private suite, depending on your budget.

Facilities and Fixtures

Aside from unlimited coffee, tea, or water, a coworking space also has different perks, which you may find very useful. One example is a reliable and robust internet connection, which is the most utilized facet in a freelancing job. Also, you have access to electrical outlets so you can charge your devices and laptops without worrying about where to find one when working on coffee shops.

Aside from a table and a desk chair which is included in your payment, you can also use other office equipment such as fax machines, landline phone, printer, and other amenities. Facilities available in coworking space may include meeting rooms, conference rooms, concierge levels of support, delivery, and mail sorting. Others even offer a cafe that features beer and wine, while some have a fitness center or a game room to destress yourself from your hectic freelancing activities.

Is Coworking Space for you?

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If working at a coworking space may still have a level of skepticism at your end, you may want to try a day or avail of a discounted trial period. Some places offer this method so that individuals who are new to the concept of coworking environment will have an adjustment period before availing of the service for a longer period. You may even try a flexible plan that you can easily cancel if you find the coworking atmosphere not suitable for your personality because coworking spaces are not meant for everyone. It will depend on your nature and also if it entails as a necessity for your working needs. Some people are successful working in the comfort of their homes, while some will find it inconvenient if they are not able to meet and even chat with other individuals.

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Coworking spaces have emerged to accommodate the new type of workforce and modern working environment emerging today. It addresses not only the need for a professional space but also the need for belonging to a community. It is easy to feel isolated when you work from home, and it is human nature to look for ways to interact with others. Interacting with people in a coworking space will also extend your social and business circles with opportunities to meet clients and future business partners. With coworking spaces, you can also save with cost as furniture, fixtures, and other commodities will be shared with others. However, not everybody is comfortable with sharing a workspace, but with numerous available coworking spaces with different and unique offerings, you surely can find a suitable coworking space for you.