If you’ve decided to start your own business, you’re probably ready to start spreading the word to your potential customers and building your visual brand. You’ve already decided how you want your logo to look and have appointed a graphic designer to create it for you, and you’ve chosen the colors that you’d like to be associated with your brand.

Creating graphics that you will use on your social media accounts, printed materials, and perhaps even on your website is something that you could hire a professional to do for you – or do yourself if you have a good grasp of software programs like Photoshop or even Canva. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to design your own business graphics and banners.


Choose the Right Software

There are tons of software options out there that you can use to make DIY brand banners and graphics. Photoshop is one of the most popular choices and there are lots of tutorials that you can use to get to grips with it, including this one at website. Canva is another popular option.

This cloud-based tool includes a wide range of templates, fonts, colors, and even a stock image gallery that you can use. You can even save your brand colors and fonts to the software to be remembered for next time, ensuring that you get consistent results every time.

Keep it Simple

Always keep your goals in mind when creating any type of graphic or banner for your business. What is the purpose of the graphic that you’re creating?

A Facebook cover banner, for example, might have different information on it compared to an Instagram grid post. What message are you looking to convey with your graphic?


Once you’ve determined the message, keep it short, sweet, and to the point – cluttering your graphics with tons of irrelevant information isn’t going to help your cause. And, keeping information to a minimum means that viewers will be encouraged to get in touch with your brand if they want to find out more.

Keep it Consistent

When designing your own business banners and graphics, one of the main rules to keep in mind is consistency. Sure, there are plenty of amazing fonts, colors, and other tools that you can use to create fantastic results, but is it clear that they have come from your brand?

Placing your logo onto the graphic can make it obvious, but it’s best to stick to a similar theme so that even if the logo wasn’t visible, customers could guess that it’s your brand they are seeing. Colors, fonts, and the type of language that you use in text should always be consistent.


Find Quality Images

In some cases, you might be able to get away with using text, colors, and shapes alone for a great banner or graphic – but using photos can tell your story even further. Spend some time researching the best places to find royalty-free stock images that you are able to use commercially or purchase stock photos to use. Make sure that you only use photos that are high quality – grainy images won’t help your brand image.

Making your own brand graphics and banners is fun and easier than ever with a huge range of tools available. But before you get started, keep these guidelines in mind for the best results.


If you are wondering why do you need to create branded graphics in the first place, we will list some of the key reasons in order to motivate you to take that step. Once you do it, you will see what it will bring and how it will promote your business.

With a great logo, you will get a surpassingly great first impression

Let’s be honest, the first thing every customer will notice when it comes to some company or business is the name and the logo. We are attracted by what we see. So, logically, if some company has a quality designed logo, that would be enough to hook and intrigue potential customers. People usually like to see some colors, interesting styles, and designs of the logo.

The first impression is very important because people will create a certain opinion of your company based on those simple things. So, you need to make sure to represent your company in the best way in order to attract potential customers. When you are making a logo, you should pay attention even to the little details.


Also, we suggest you collaborate with some experts in that field and receive helpful professional feedback that can help you improve the designs properly. In that way, you will ensure that you are having a well-designed logo that will sell your product or service.

A good logo gives your business identity

There is no easiest way to build your brand and promote your business than to give your business the identification. In that way, you will boost your brand recognition and potentially improve sales. Let’s remember the old saying: “A picture tells a thousand words”. Well, this is the only thing you should think about if you are wondering whether you need to create brand graphics. If you achieve the goal that people recognize your brand, that simply means you gain popularity and you stood out from the competition.

The logo will allow you to project a professional image

One more big advantage of creating brand graphics is the fact that your business will be presented in a professional way. As you probably noticed, all successful brands have some common practices when they want to advertise their business. For instance, we are talking about digital marketing, billboards, social media app, print media, newsletters, etc.


As you see they are all very consistent to highlight their design and style and show their uniform look. So, if you create a uniform look for your company or business, you will get not only recognition and awareness, but something much more significant than that. More precisely, you will achieve the goal that your business appears much more professional.

You will get a return

When you attract many new customers, you will sell your products or services much more easily. As the result, logically, you will get a bigger profit. With the well-designed logo, you are getting many things, but in the end, the profit is the only thing all businesses care about. So, put an effort and attract new customers. It will return to you!