Garage doors are essentially like homeowners’ front doors to their houses. They are the most commonly used entrance for homeowners in Los Angeles and all across the country. It is also the same place residents generally use to exit their homes because you typically need to hop in your car to get to wherever you are going, and that car is located in or close to the garage.

Garages are also the first line of defense against strangers and possible intruders, providing constant protection for the rest of your home, cars, and anything you don’t want to be exposed to in the rest of California.

When something goes wrong with your garage door, it won’t open, shut, or anything in between – it can be incredibly disruptive to your everyday life, schedule, wants, and needs. You may be trapped at home because you cannot exit the area with your vehicle, or perhaps you cannot enter your home, causing another inconvenience in your day.

When a garage door spring fails or breaks, this can wreak havoc on the mental and emotional state. When garage spring repair is required, there is an easy way to handle it with the help of local garage door professionals.

Springs Are Essential to Your Garage Door’s Function


The thing about having broken garage door springs is that they can be dangerous and hazardous to homeowners, and attempting to fix them when left to your own devices isn’t the best idea. Without the proper knowledge, experience, and tools that are equipped to deal with spring repair, you are at risk of the door falling as you attempt to work on it. Springs are a large part of what carries the weight of your garage door, and your garage door is the most significant moving piece of your home. Trusted experts specialize in garage door maintenance and repair, ensuring that the springs and all other components are in optimal condition to guarantee the safety and functionality of your garage door. The springs also help balance the movement as it is in use. There are two main types of springs:

  • Torsion will twist to open and close the garage.
  • Extension, these springs expand and then compress to lift and close the garage. Without a spring, your garage cannot continue its normal operations.

Spring Breakage Has Many Causes

While garage door springs are critical, they aren’t indestructible – after all, they are lifting the house’s heaviest door. Whether your garage door breaks, snaps, or just discontinues its regular use, one of many things can happen.

  • Rusting, when dealing with any part of your garage door components, rust can be a significant issue, but when it comes to spring, this is a typical culprit for breakage.
  • Wear & Tear springs all have their own allotted lifespan, and while they are engineered to last for years unless you have one that has an extended lifespan on it, they will eventually wear out.
  • Lack of maintenance, maintenance is vital for every aspect of your garage, and the springs are a big part. Good reviews and continued maintenance from professional garage door technicians can help to prolong your springs, resolve any outstanding issues and prevent them from snapping at the worst time.

What Happens When a Spring Breaks?


Garage doors are made to be sturdy and to provide safety to homeowners and their households alike. You will typically have a good idea of when a spring breaks because your garage door will no longer be operable, but it is not always so obvious. Many different things can happen when you are dealing with a broken spring, and here are a few things you can expect:

  • Loud noise, any loud noise coming from your spring, is not a good sign, but generally, you will hear a noise if it has snapped or unwound itself.
  • Gap in spring, you can always do a visual inspection, and if you see a gap, this means that your spring is not correctly connected.
  • Bending in the door, when you open and close it, you may notice that the top few panels are bending, meaning the spring is not properly carrying its weight.
  • Change in the closure, just as there can be an issue when opening the door, may also come to a close where it falls quickly.
  • A crooked garage door can open and close with a broken spring, but not a snapped one. When you have a broken spring, your door may be skewed because the weight cannot be equally distributed.
  • Loose cables, when your spring breaks, it loosens up the cables, and you can see those hanging when you look at the area.

Contact a Garage Door Repair Company for Spring Replacement

Broken springs can feel like an annoyance, and while they may be something you want to try out on your own to fix, it is the soundest decision to reach out to a local garage door company that can assist you.

Ben’s Garage and Gate Supply in Los Angeles services California residents and business owners in broken spring repair to ensure the safety of their clients and their homes. Ben’s prioritizes precision, accuracy, and delicacy in any repair. Their team of experts is dedicated to offering quick and affordable repairs so you can return to your life as you have always known it.

Don’t let a broken spring throw off your day but be sure to adhere to the dangers it can impose – contact a reliable garage door company to get your garage door back up and running.