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Jewelry is an eternal thing – and women will never get tired of buying it, no matter how many pieces they already have in their collections. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or maybe even proposals. The best thing is that it’s long-lasting and will always remain as a lovely memory and remembrance of the day when you got it or gave it to somebody.

But, in order to make sure which necklace would suit your special one best, it would be good to take some time before buying to take into account some factors that can affect the quality of your choice. We’re sure you don’t want that necklace to become ‘that’ piece of jewelry that has been standing in a box for years and waiting for the moment when it’ll be used or given to someone.

If you want to make everything perfect, you should consider the taste of your loved one carefully, as well as the characteristics of the piece of jewelry you’re buying. We know that the choice is quite diverse and that your task isn’t easy at all. For this reason, we tried to help you with some tips to make the right choice easier.

1. Neck size

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Admit that you didn’t remember this! But believe it or not, this detail is fundamental when it comes to the moment when you’re wondering whether you should pick a longer or shorter necklace. As you suppose, taking a measuring tape and wrapping it around your dear person’s neck to measure the circumference isn’t really an option – but you can always try to estimate this by looking at them.

To the estimated length, as the rules dictate, you should add another five centimeters to get the appropriate length. Believe us, a chain that’s too long won’t suit a short neck, and a too-short one wouldn’t look nice on a long neck either. Therefore, think about this before you go to the jewelry store.

2. Height

A person’s height is another key thing to consider. Everything you wear, from clothes to jewelry, will affect your appearance and make your body harmonious or awkward, depending on whether what you’re wearing suits you or not. So it happens frequently that short women look even shorter when they wear long clothes and long necklaces because this hides them completely. Think about it and avoid long pieces if you have a true pocket, Venus. A necklace with a longer chain usually looks better on tall women, while otherwise, you can choose a shorter chain.

3. Design

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The first thing she’ll notice right after opening the gift box is the design. The expression on her face will tell you whether you were wrong or not immediately –  and in case you want to ensure that it’ll be a smile you’ll see, now’s the time to consider her taste and her wishes.

The possibilities in terms of design are numerous and it’ll be really difficult for you to decide on the right one in a jewelry store like Roy Jewels. Therefore, prepare in advance. You must have noticed by now what she likes. If not, try to find out by peeking into one of her jewelry boxes or trigger a conversation about jewelry in order to pull some ideas and get a clue yourself.

If she prefers unique pendants which she can wear every day, like a puzzle or a small heart, then choose something like that. And if she prefers to wear them only on special occasions, then choose a design with a certain precious stone or a beautiful hatch. You can check for a variety of necklace designs that you can wear on different occasions. Also, think about whether you want to consider a simply-designed chain or something more spectacular.

4. Materials

Just like design, materials are a matter of personal taste. And in this case, there are numerous options. It mostly depends on what you can afford as the prices vary from material to material. The type you choose will also dictate the color, so this would be a good time to consider the color to your girlfriend’s/wife’s liking.

Yellow gold will probably suit lighter skin better, while white gold and silver would be perfect for darker-skinned people. Also, make sure that your partner isn’t allergic to any precious metal. At times it happens that silver or low-carat gold causes allergies in people, so, before you invest money in this gift, get well informed about how to avoid these problems.

5. Favorite clothes

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There’s no point in buying a necklace that simply won’t match with the clothes she currently has in her wardrobe. The result will certainly be a waste of money since she’ll probably wear it quite rarely. The content of the wardrobe is therefore definitely a fundamental factor when deciding.

If your girlfriend, wife, or sister spends most of her time in jeans and sweatshirts, then a diamond chain won’t delight her at all, as it will be too costly and too spectacular to wear on a daily basis. Okay, it might serve on a special occasion, but then think about how often she goes to fancy events. On the other hand, if her taste is still more elegant than that, then a piece of discreet gold jewelry will be perfect.

6. Face shape

The face shape shouldn’t be neglected either. The most common shapes are round, oval, heart-shaped, and square.  Oval faces usually fit all lengths, of course, taking into account other body proportions. For a round face, you should choose a piece that forms a V shape to visually elongate it. That way, it’ll look thinner, longer, and more beautiful. For heart-shaped faces, which already have their natural roundness, the opposite rules apply. Finally, square shapes with accentuated corners should also be more rounded visually with the help of a round necklace.

7. Age

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As women get older, tastes change. Therefore, if your girlfriend or sister is a teenager, you won’t buy her the same as a gentleman would buy his middle-aged wife. The taste of older ladies is much more elegant and sophisticated compared to chic and flashy things worn by college girls.

Popular chokers or interesting pendants representing her favorite food, a treble clef, or something related to her favorite band will be perfect for the age of 15-20. Girls between the ages of 20-35 will be delighted with a discreet necklace with a small Swarovski crystal as a pendant, while older ladies will demand even more elegance and glamor.

8. Occasion

Jewelry can be a perfect gift on many occasions. Is it a casual and relaxing event or a solemn and elegant one? We are used to seeing splendid engagement rings, as they always represent an obligatory part of a proposal, but what if you can change events like this and make them more unique? In case you’re a male and you want to bend the knee, Nano Jewelry suggests you be creative and turn a perfect necklace for her can into a perfect proposal gift. Why not, right?

Once you’ve considered all these factors, there’s no chance that you might make a wrong choice. We’re right, aren’t we? Listen to your intuition, to your beloved girl’s occasional wishes and follow the signs – and prepare to see a wonderful smile once she opens the box!