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Top Tips For Packing Jewellery for Travel – 2024 Guide

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We know that as compared to other accessories jewelry is precious and costly. It needs extra care and safety while traveling. You need to pack each item with respect to its shape and size. A slight mistake or carelessness may cause a big loss. Many dealers of ladies’ fashion jewelry follow certain steps to send jewelry in bulk.

We know that jewelry surrounds less place. So, you need a small packing box but unlike other items, it needs extra care and precautions for sending it from one place to another. Here are some guidelines for you:


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Most of us aware of the fact that traveling with necklaces is hard and dangerous. First, you have to do extra care for it as it is considered costly. Therefore, costly items need more care and safety. First of all, I suggest you should keep it at home while traveling. Because being heavy you will have to face many hurdles while traveling with a necklace.

If you are wearing your necklace during travel there is a possibility of robbery or theft. As we know that an open door tempts even the pious and virtuous. Keep in mind that valuable ornaments should be worn in open gatherings where is less possibility of robbery. If you are going on a long journey then you will have to follow certain steps and precautions in packing and setting necklaces. If you want to pack necklaces then you have three options: straws, silk jewelry bags, or small plastic bag.


Bend one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten the clasp. A nice way of traveling with necklaces, but only doable if have to access straws. The other downside in this method takes up a bit of room but the inside is outstanding. This method is considered the best. Visit Here at wholesale jewelry to have a look at the latest trends.

Silk Jewelry Bag

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Use small fabric bags for packing the necklaces. However, make sure to drape the chain out and so the chain is around the bag’s clasp. By arranging this way your necklace won’t get tangled.

Small Plastic Bag

Keeping a small section of the chain outside and seal the bag draping the clasp out. This is another useful way by following this tip and guideline you can take your necklace from one place to another without facing any inconvenience.


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These are small in size as compared to necklaces and other jewelry. These also need special precautions while traveling. To carry a ring from one site to another site pack the ring in a small plastic bag or tuck the ring into one of the silk jewelry bags. Keep your ring organized in a jewelry roll or organizer if you are traveling with one of these.


Roll up a washcloth or hand towel and slide the bracelet over the rolled towel. Tuck the entire towel into a plastic Ziplock bag to keep any bracelet from wandering off.


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If you don’t have a jewelry roll or organizer, then you can do two things:

• Buttons

• Cardboard


Insert the ring through a buttonhole. One button per earring pair. Use one of the many spare buttons including a long-discarded sweater or button-down shirt. Wholesalers follow these tips in wholesale jewelry manchester in the UK.
Gather all your earring-button and corral them in a small jewelry pouch.

Upside: Your earring pairs will always stay together. Packs down small.

Downside: Sometimes those buttons are small and might get lost in the dark corner of your bag.


You can use a stiff piece of cardboard. When a pin tip punches holes in pairs. Insert the earrings through the holes. Slide the entire cardboard into the quarter plastic bag to safeguard your earrings.

Upside: in this arrangement, you will be to see all your earrings in a single sight.

Downside: It is bigger than the usual fabric bag.

What Type of Travel Jewelry Bag Should Be

For packing jewelry what kind of bag should be used. There are seven types of bags that you may choose during traveling. These are:

• Jewelry Roll
• Jewelry Pouch
• Plastic Quarter Bag
Jewelry Box
• Glad Press’s Seal
• Pill Case

Jewelry Roll

It is composed of gorgeous silk to pack your jewelry safely. A well-designed jewelry roll is a perfect way to bring a few pieces of pieces on your jewelry trip. It is good enough to manage your jewelry well during the whole travel.

Jewelry Pouch

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It is one of the useful items that help for carrying your jewelry during traveling. Many UK jewelry wholesale suppliers use such items to send jewelry in bulk. You slip your earring into this pouch, place the necklace around the clasp and then you can go wherever you want.

Plastic Quarter Bag

Another useful item for carrying and sending jewelry into or out of the country. It is simple in use as it can be closed easily, waterproof, and darned durable.

Jewelry Box

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Another gorgeous item for placing and packing jewelry. It is five inches squares and perfect. It will prove very helpful in case you are bringing several rings and pairs of earrings.

Glad Press’s Seal

It is another box for packing rings, earrings, and many more items of jewelry.

Pill Case

It is another type of jewelry packing especially perfect for the delicate type of jewelry that needs extra care and safety.

Microfiber Cloth

It is used to place precious items that need more care. It is fit to keep in roll necklaces so that it doesn’t get scratch and get tangled. Lay the cloth out and set the necklace on top of it in rows that are in 2 inches to 3 inches apart. Begin at one end of the cloth and start rolling it up over the necklaces, making sure that both these won’t touch one another. Then, you can roll the cloth to the end and then you can fold the end together to tuck into the bag. In the UK and rest of the Europe wholesale jewelry supplier uses these tips to send jewelry in bulk.

How to Manage Perfectly

These are tips that are helpful for you in carrying and sending jewelry. If you follow these tips, guidelines, and use such things you won’t face any trouble.