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Wise people always have a plan in case they are arrested. This can happen for several different reasons, and when it does you better be ready. When an individual is arrested it is required to deposit a specific amount of money to be released from jail. A bail bond, also named Surety Bond, is posted only if the crime committed is not a serious one, namely first-degree murder, armed robbery, and such, when the bond is usually denied by a judge. In some cases, the money required to be paid is too high for the person to acquire, and at that point, the bail bond company comes in to help. Bail money is actually a loan from the bond company, and the arrested person is required to pay the bail amount in full plus the fee that comes with it.

The bail bond industry, like any business, has a wide array of services offered, so one has to be very careful in picking the right one for its case. There are some general tips a person should stick to when choosing their get-out-of-jail solution.

1.Pick a company that’s open 24/7

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If you’re arrested during working hours, namely nine to five, then you have plenty of bail bond companies to choose from. However, most busts take place during the evenings and at night. In that case, you will need a bondman to jump in the time of need. For that reason, it is always recommended to have a company that’s open 24/7/365, since they will stand by your side at any time

2. Ask The Detention Officer for Suggestion:

It might do you some good to be nice to your detention officer since he or she is the one who will be handling your booking. They are the go-to people when it comes to bail bond companies, given that they deal with them on a daily basis. In short, be on your best behavior and feel free, no pun intended, to ask for advice or recommendation for a bond company that will get you out of jail quickly.

If you have doubts or don’t want to speak to the officer for any reason, you can always rely on the person you trust. In case you are not comfortable with either option, you can contact the defense authorization and ask them for a recommendation.

3. Choose A Company Which Is Open to Its Policies:

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Always choose a company that displays full transparency regarding its payments, fees, and policies, and keep your eyes open to pick the ones with a good reputation and high recommendation rate like Memphis based Keep in mind that this is a loan that you have to pay back, plus any accrued fees.

A word of caution: Some bail bond companies will feed on your fear of being apprehended as well as the feeling of panic and helplessness offering you some deals that will do you more harm than good in the long term. Keep your head clear as much as you can, and make sure to choose a company that’s straightforward about what it offers.

4. Don’t forget the interest rates!

Some bail bond companies act like loan sharks, adding interest rates that are impossible to pay off. Be careful when consulting with your bondman and insist on clear and not variable interest or fees. If you get a run-around at any moment, call the next one on the list.

5. Getting A Licensed Company Is Important

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You should be able to trust your bail bond company, as a basic prerequisite for doing business. Try to look for a company with a long track record, with good reviews, with a long, desirably decades, experience with many people. They might cost a little extra, but it pays off later down the road. There are some steps you can take to protect yourself.
There are some companies out there that are not legit, so make sure you always ask to see the license of the bail agent. If the department of insurance gets the slightest sniff of a company being a fraud, they will not issue them a license. Ask for the license number before you sign any papers, check the number to see if the company was being regularly monitored.

Remember, you are your own advocate and you should always put your best interests in mind.

6. Confirm The Address

Know who you’re dealing with. Confirmation of the address and a phone number can help you down the road when you need to reach the agent. No, PO Boxes. Many people don’t confirm the address of the company and later find themselves left out to dry. Don’t be that person, do your homework.

Do you know how they say “buy locally”? The same goes for the bond company. Do not end up with a bondsman that advertise in Tennessee, but is actually based in Texas. You need someone who knows the laws in your state because this long-distance back and forth communication can delay your release.

7. Get an idea of their customer service

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You are a customer. A paying one, too. Just like any other business they should have a stellar customer service. Demand it, raise your bar high, do not settle for a mediocre, “leave your voice message” routine. Expect a professional attitude. A good company will always answer all your questions, as many as you like, in a courteous manner.

8. Again, Do Your Homework

Make use of your search engine skills. Read, research, go into detail, and make sure to read the reviews and use them as a reference. Every information is on the top of your fingernails and you should take time to plan for unforeseeable circumstances. Focus on the stuff that matters to you the most whether it be the license or customer service, but hopefully all of the above.

Once you set your mind to a bail bond company that fits your needs, you should try and contact them. Remember that you are not obliged to hire anyone that you are uncomfortable with.