Taking the next step and moving in with your partner is a major life decision. People do it at different times and for different reasons, but one thing is largely the same. They want to spend as much time as they come together, to come home to their significant other, and to wake up each they by their side. However, that is not the end of fun and exciting ideas nor the responsibilities that you can share. Supporting each other, sharing the meals, and building your joint life are only increased when you do another thing together, get a pet.

Numerous couples decide to get a bet together after some time of sharing a home. It is only natural. Not only that, but the per they get is their first pet since they were children. Now, as young adults who are actively working on getting on their two feet and becoming fully independent, couples are finally able to provide for themselves and therefore have everything that makes them happy. Of course, for a lot of people that means getting a dog, a cat, a parrot, or any other pet they may like.

Before you and your partner become the latest couple to get a pet together, there are things worth knowing. It is a big thing and like other responsibilities there are certain guidelines and tips you will surely benefit from. Without any further ado, let us discuss the most important things you and your partner need to know before getting a pet as a couple. For additional information about pets, particularly puppy care, make sure to visit this site.

1. Both of you should be on board


There is nothing worse when only one side of the couple wants a pet and the other does not. Not everyone likes animals equally, and not all people have had the same experiences with pets during their lives. Some have had a pet pass away and they are unable to have another one. Others may have been bitten and they have trust issues now. The important part is for the couple to be on board and not for one of them to enforce this huge responsibility onto the other. Although a single person is more than capable of handling a pet, living in a home where only one of you look after them will be a terrible nuisance and a cause for constant arguments. If both of you are not on the same page about owning a pet together, you should not yet get one. The pet will witness constant arguments and only half the love it deserves. Pets are known to grow even on the most stubborn of unwilling pet owners, but the love and bonding should be mutual from the get go.

2. Pick an animal you both like

This is easily the second-worst thing in terms of not seeing eye to eye when owning a pet as a couple is concerned. If you both want it, that is a good start. However, a dog person will never be okay with a cat as much as they would a dog. And vice versa of course. The same goes for any other animal combination. If the partners cannot agree on what animal they want as a pet, it is a disaster in the making. Again, only one partner will be 100% satisfied while the other will feel like doing a chore they dislike, similar to washing the dishes or vacuuming. Caring for a pet you do not full enjoy having around is not good for you, for your partner, and for the pet. Of course, you do not choose a partner based on their favorite animal, but the ideal scenario would be if you shared the love for a certain one. If not, compromise is the only solution.

3. Teach them while they are young


Both of you have responsibilities that cannot and will not stop just because you now have a pet. Therefore, the only thing left to do once you finally get them is to teach them what is okay and what is not. More importantly, you have to teach then when to do certain things like sleep, nap, and play. If your cat naps all day, it will be very energetic at night when you have to rest. When you keep feeding them whenever they want, they get used to it and become spoiled. Introduce rules like feeding and snack times, play sessions at the same time of day, and nap time before the main sleep. Most importantly, when they are naughty take enough measures to let them know it is not okay. Only by teaching them all these things on time can you have a pet who will be fun to be around and not get in the way of your daily obligations you cannot put aside.

4. Love is the key

Remember that your pet’s time on Earth is much shorter than your own. They deserve the best because they are honest and full of love towards their humans. Unlike other humans, they do not lie and even if they are naughty, it is their nature and instinct. When they reach adulthood they are much more passive and loving, so persevere during their formative months. Pets often show more love than humans and you can see it in their honest little eyes. It is the best feeling in the world to know your pet loves you and enjoys your company. There are two of you so make sure to be involved equally so that the pet realizes you are both their owners/friends. After that, all you will get is smooches and all they should get is pets and treats!

5. Health problems are not always visible


Regular trips to the vet as well as your own little checkups are necessary if you want your pet to be healthy and have a long life. Many health issues are difficult to spot on your own, which is why you should have a veterinarian who will closely follow the growth of your furry friend. Do not switch vets if you do not have to as it is always best to stick to the same one for everyone’s sake and ease. Care at home can prevent many issues, like brushing the teeth of cats and dogs, brushing their fur, and taking them for walks. Most importantly, feed them a proper diet and do not subject them to nonsense food regimes. Animals are not humans and they require certain foods to be healthy, remember that!