Camping is one of the best ways you can spend a vacation with your kids. They will have an opportunity to learn many new things and experience activities they usually wouldn’t at home. By learning how to do things on their own, like make a tent or build a fire, they will be more confident in the future.

Camping is an ideal opportunity for you to let them experience new things and have them try them out for themselves. Time spent camping creates incredibly strong family ties and memories that both you and your children will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Of course, kids aren’t the only ones benefiting from camping trips. Camping is a great way to reduce stress for adults. There are no schedules to be kept or pressing engagements. Instead of an alarm clock, you are wakened by the birds’ song. Just relax and enjoy your stress levels plummeting.

Spending some time of fresh air, away from the smog of the city will do wonders for your lungs and overall health. Camping with your friends and family is the ultimate relationship-building exercise, as you do everything together. It is also a great opportunity to learn new things and develop skills you don’t get to use at home.

Our sedentary lives cause us many health issues. On camping, you won’t have many opportunities to sit down in front of a laptop or a TV. Instead, you will be setting up camp, gathering firewood, or going for hikes. In short, you will lead the opposite lifestyle from what you are used to. That can have a dramatic impact on your health. Just spending a week or two away from various screens is beneficial enough, let alone all those other activities.

Finally, there is food to consider. Food prepared over open fire simply tastes better. There is just something in the way wood smoke affects the food that gives it a taste you can never achieve on a stove at your home. And you get to make s’ mores over a camping fire. That alone is an excellent reason to go camping.

The trouble is that, as kids get older, they tend to get bored on camping trips, that is why it is important to plan for activities that will keep them occupied. You got all your essential equipment from a website like TheCampingGear and you are ready to go. Just don’t forget about entertainment.

Makes sure you have planned enough fun activities and games you can play during your camping trip. Of course, fun is a subjective term and not everyone enjoys the same activities. That is why we have prepared a list of activities and games that are universally popular. We are sure that you and your kids will find at least several of them you can use on your camping trip.

1Water Activities


If you are camping near water, you will have plenty of fun water activities to choose from. Swimming and playing games like water volleyball or basketball are among the first things that come to mind.

Canoeing or kayaking is always a popular choice, as well as boating. Depending on the water, you can try snorkeling or diving. Always pack your rods, because you never know when an opportunity of fishing will come up. Don’t forget to teach your kids stone skipping.



Sport is always a welcomed activity for any camping trip. Besides traditional sports like basketball and football, we would recommend trying out some that you never play at home. It will make for a nice change of pace and a more memorable experience. Things like dick golf or freebee golf are always fun.

You can also try horseshoes or corn hole since chances are you never play those at home. Depending on your location, you can go hiking or, if you are experienced enough, for spelunking. Younger kids usually enjoy hide and seek, especially in a new environment.

3Enjoying the Nature


These activities will not be enjoyed by everyone, so make sure you have taken the pulse of your group before planning them. For those that do enjoy them, they will be a tone of fun. Birdwatching and animal watching are usually the first two any nature lover goes for. You can also start your own bug collection.

Gathering things from the local area can make for some nice mementos. Things like rocks, pines, and flowers are always welcomed. More experienced campers can go for berries and other edible plants, which are usually a treat. Fossil hunting is always exciting, providing you are in an area that has them. Finally, you can organize a scavenger hunt for kids. They will enjoy it.

4Rainy Day


Rain can ruin even the best-laid plans. In that case, you will be stuck in your tent and unless you want to go nuts from boredom, you better have an alternative planned. Books and magazines should always be at hand, in case of rain.

Card games and even board games, if they can be played in a tent, are usually a popular choice. Make sure to pack favorite toys for younger kids. Crafting can also help pass some time. Or you can make everyone as waterproof as possible and enjoy a day puddle splashing.

5Night Activities


Once the night falls and everyone settles down in the campground, it is time for some of the best activities on camping. The night provides an opportunity for some of the most memorable happenings on any camping trip. A campfire is a must, that goes without saying.

Make sure you can build it safely and you can spend an entire evening just sitting around it and talking. Hide and seek during the night makes for a whole new game. You can make lanterns and release them.

If you have someone in your party that can play the guitar, let them play. Playing the guitar and singing songs around the campfire is a classic camping activity. The older crowd can play truth or dare or go for romantic walks under the stars.