If you are looking forward to promoting your brand in a trade show or event, you need to know what grabs your target audience’s attention. Making an impression on the customers becomes easy when you know the distinct advantages of 10×10 canopy tents. Here are a few things you need to know before pushing ahead with the brand promotion.

  1. You can assemble the 10×10 canopy tents without seeking assistance from a large workforce.
  2. The visitors in the show or event can view the tent easily and feel enticed to visit it much before they arrive nearer.
  3. With 10×10 canopy tents, companies participating in the trade shows can enjoy their own defined space.
  4. The tent provides safety from the weather elements.
  5. You can customize the canopy tents based on the requirements.

1. Getting a clear view with ease


The moment you walk into a big store, you may miss seeing so many things at first glance. It is only when you explore each store’s aisle in detail that you come to know about its offerings. The same thing happens when you visit a big tent. Although the big-sized tents offer a lot of space for more viewers to check the products, they may find it huge beyond expectations. If the big size of the tent in the tradeshow distracts the clients’ attention, you need to rely on 10×10 canopy tents that provide unobstructed and clear views with ease.

2. Space compliance

Besides the international shows, the 10×10 canopy tents with flags and promotional banners are suitable for tradeshows. Therefore, if you carry an oversized tent for standard exhibitions and shows, you may have to lease out the extra space that may not be available adjacent to your area.

3. Fitting option for visitors

The 10×10 canopy tents can be arranged in several different ways and accommodate about twenty people at the same time. Therefore, you can place adequate chairs, rectangular and round tables inside the tent. Whether you plan to whip up a booth in an event or in a tradeshow to enjoy the party celebration for a product launch or attend small meetings, arranging the best sessions to serve your patron is a thing that you can enjoy.

4. Create a friendly ambiance


The tradeshows and events are not just about offering whopping products of your company to customers and allowing them to share the experience of manufacturing. It is necessary to create a friendly appearance. The booths at the trade show that reflect luxury may turn the visitors away. Still, the straightforward tents in moderate sizes are more likely to captivate the attention of customers.

5. Add-on tips for canopy set up

With custom canopies, it is very easy to promote your brand in outdoor activities, trade shows, etc. Here are some add-on tips for choosing the best available canopy tent for your purpose.

6. Consider the right size

Finding a canopy tent is easy if you first consider the space restrictions at your venue. 10×10 ft. canopy tents are the most common and compact ones. You can also find varying sizes as 10×15 feet and 10×20 feet etc. To comply with the standard regulations in choosing tent size, using the 10×10 canopy tent offered by can suffice almost all your purposes.

7. Consider settings and portability


You need to plan your canopy by considering the ease of transportation too. Ease of transfer and convenience of taking it from one activity location to another is important while making canopies. The ceiling structure design should also be taken care of, which may not require any additional tools or handymen to set it up. In most cases, the standard canopy installations can be accomplished by one person itself.

8. Canopy frame

Custom canopy frames are made of standard quality aluminum, which is a lightweight and rust-proof material. Make sure that the frame can withstand various weather conditions and also hold the banner firmly without creasing. Quality aluminum canopy brackets can last long, even on being exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Try choosing commercial-grade frames for canopies that are made of thick aluminum frames of 40 mm or more.

9. Material for canopy

The most popular material used for canopy making is polyester. It is lightweight and flexible, along with being highly waterproof and wrinkle-proof. While installed outdoors, polyester also features anti-ultraviolet properties to last long. The 600D polyester is very strong and highly waterproof. This can last for a long time and stay tightly packed, making it the right fabric for custom 10×10 canopies.

10. Accessories for setting up canopy tents


You have many options to choose from in terms of size and application scenarios when installing canopies. Consider the bracket materials, roof, and other features of the custom canopy tents. You may also consider the upgrade options which make your canopy flexible to fit into various use cases. You can add half side walls or full walls to the custom canopies. You also need to take care of the protection of the branding elements etc. In many standard canopies, the polyester awning also has Velcro straps which offer easy installation and dismantling of the tent.

11. Custom design and printing

Above all these considerations for the size, material, and features of your canopy tent, it is important to consider designing and printing the brand elements to the canopy. This is essential to consider when you are using canopy tents for outdoor events. Canopy tents made of polyester material can be easily printed based on your custom design. While printing onto outdoor canopies, it is important to use stable and high-quality UV ink using thermal transfer printing technology. With the help of advanced printing machines, you can easily upload the artwork made using computer designing software and load it to the printing machine directly.

Many people believe that they may require huge devices to set up 10×10 canopy tents. The good news is that you may not require any crew at all to set up the tent largely because of easy installation.