Clothes are something we need to buy regularly for us and for our families. Now, we have a chance to do something good and help someone while doing just that. This is a chance for every altruistic person out there to do something that they can be truly proud of. is offering us an opportunity to help out different human and animal charities. 10 percent of each purchase is donated to some of the charities in America or somewhere else in the world. This isn’t a small part at all! They are offering numerous different pieces of clothing starting with matching T-shirts for a mom and a daughter, to a onesie for your dog. They truly have everything.

The majority of T-shirts come with a humoristic text or a picture and can come as a matching set for an aunt and a nephew, or a mother and a child, or you and your dog. Yes, you and your dog can now have matching outfits, and no, it’s not weird.


There are also some shirts for your grandma saying “This is what an awesome grandma looks like.” Be honest, wouldn’t your grandma love it?

Are you a fan of pizza? You can go for a tee that says “Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth.” It made me chuckle and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Another one I loved very much is a black T-shirt for your dog that has “Security” written on it.

Many of us wish that we donated money more often. For children, for the poor, for animals, for the environment. Maybe you didn’t have the time, maybe you didn’t have the money, or maybe you just needed an incentive. Well, now you have one. You need clothes and charities need your money. That’s a win-win situation in my book.

If you need more reasons to join this good cause, just know that Shirts For a Cause gives you free shipping for every order. Clothes are extremely affordable, durable, adorable, and the options are numerous. Any color, any text, any picture, it’s up to you to choose and up to them to donate. If there was one piece of clothing you can wear proudly and brag about how you got it, it’s the one you get from Shirts For a Cause. Oh, did I mention they also offer clothes for different holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween? The orange pumpkin π(pie) T-shirt will make anyone smile.

You can also show your love for animals by choosing one, or two, of the 4 Paws or Paw Power T-shirts, tank tops, or long-sleeved sweaters. They come in black and grey and they have an adorable paw logo on them.


The most popular products, however, are the shirts for boys and girls, and matching outfits. So, why wait? Why let another day pass that you didn’t make any donations? You have a chance to look adorable and save some lives!