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Destiny 2 is one of the games that became popular in a short time. You can find many people playing it. Yet, the number of those that strive to start playing is also not small. That’s why they deserve an explanation that can make them more effective.

Everything about this game is associated with earning new loot and becoming as powerful as you can. Yet, it is not something you can reach over the night. When a newbie like you starts to play a game, everything looks confusing and complex.

Fortunately, we are here to explain everything that might bother you. We understand that you want to boost your account as soon as possible. Our pieces of advice will make that process a lot faster. Still, keep in mind that we do not have a magic stick. Investing a certain time is necessary.

1Get to Level 900!

Well, leveling might look confusing to the new players. There are two types of “levels” that you need to boot – power level and character level. Each of these two levels you improve in different ways. A character-level improves through experience while power level improves through gear status. Yet, with the new updates, the character levels completely disappeared.

Your focus should be now on the improvement of power level.
Power level is the average of all the gear that you possess. Besides that, it is a measurement of your overall strength in both cases, defensively and offensively.

Your power grows together with each activity that you do. Of course, each activity brings a different number of points.

Anyway, after the previous updates, each account starts with a level 750. The first goal that you need to have is to reach the game’s soft cap of 900. While you play, your hero will get different gear drops.

These drops are color-coded by rarity. In most cases, you will see blue/rare drops during the stretch. Those rare drops will give you gear above the current power level. That will happen only until you hit that soft cap. This is the fastest way to reach to get to level 900.

Despite that, there are two different things that you should do to level up.

2Dismiss Old Equipment


Before everything, you should dismiss the old stuff. In some other games, the players can sell old equipment. Yet, things are different here. The point is to dismiss all the blue or greed drops with power levels about the most powerful items that you possess.

3Alternative Characters


The second thing that you should do is to make some alternative characters. The players should know that they can use three characters in this game. Those characters are – Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. It is good to use at least 2 of those three characters.

It is easier to boost your power level in that way by sharing equipment between them. In that way, you will get all of their power levels to about the same place. More precisely, you don’t have to do five milestones a week. With two or three heroes you do them 10 or even 15.

4Get to 950!

Things become a lot slower when you hit 950. As we said previously, collecting different pieces of gear will help you grow. Things won’t change now. Yet, only specific methods and activities will boost the level of your current power.

That’s why you should focus on activities that drop the so-called “powerful engrams”. The reward for accomplishing these activities gives you gear that drops above your power level.

It is good to know that there are 3 different tires of the reward that you will get. The tier 1 drops +3 over your base power; tier two drops +4m while tier 3 drops +5. Finally, there are also “Pinnacle” engrams that only drop from the highest level activities. If you accomplish these activities successfully, you will gain +6 points.

All the rewards that we mentioned you can earn by completing certain weekly milestones. Check your directory and look for golden marks. They will indicate the ways you can get powerful gear. We suggest you think of these as your weekly chores. It is important to log in to your account weekly and complete as many of the activities as you can
Still, there are a couple of activities that you should be focused on.

5Complete Strikes


You are probably wondering what strikers are. Well, this is a collection of longer missions. These missions have their own playlist on your directory. Logically, the playlist won’t be the same each week.

It will contain a different burn activity. In case you complete 3 different strikes, you will get a Tier 1 reward. Yet, there is one thing that you need to know. You need to use a character subclass that completely matches up with that burn.

6Enter the Crucible


Crucible is the game’s PVP mode. We suppose that is the first question that new players have. Anyway, you can get a Tier 1 reward if you complete matches within different Crucible.

Before everything, you need to know that there are “Core Match” playlists. These are basic game modes and they are available in every moment. Your task will be to compete in 4 matches between these playlists. In that way, you will get the Tier 1 reward.

Besides that, it is good to mention that there are Rotator playlists as well. These playlists are a special sort of PVP modes. They swap in and out every single week. In this case, you need to compete in 4 matches between these playlists. Only in that case, you will get a Tier 1 reward.

7Bonus Tip: Get Weapons


Well, we shared a couple of strategies that could help you level up your Destiny 2 account in a faster way. Yet, there is one thing that we definitely need to include here. You can buy weapons or hire someone to boost your account.

Because of that, we suggest you visit Place to Boost and check which offers they have. It is one of the websites that can help you a lot.