A lot of people were nervous about how Destiny 2 would improve the experience of its predecessor. From character development to storyline, many were worried about the game’s fun factor. And the final consensus is that the game has not disappointed in that aspect.

One of the main factors that have contributed to its success is the developer’s attention to detail. A lot of big game developers like Rockstar Games, Blizzard, Infinity Ward and a lot of other popular developers know that the secret to keeping players coming back to a game is the attention to detail.

Hidden lore about a character, real-life references, easter eggs about previous installments and other things like this is what makes these games feel like a unique experience.

Bungie realized this and have added a lot of fun details into the game. We have made a list of fun facts you probably didn’t know about Destiny 2.

4The Floor is Lava

The game “floor is lava” is probably the most known game for children who have lasted through generations. The game is about jumping around on furniture without stepping on the floor because the floor is “lava.

Bungie wants to have a little fun too in the middle of their amazing and serious world. On The Tower, if you head to the uppermost walkway you will get a warning “The Floor Is Lava”. They created a scenario where you have to jump on boxers or platforms or you will take damage. Winning this mini-game will reward you with a buff, giving you additional height and speed to help you explore The Tower.

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3Dance for Loot

You are probably familiar with all the dance emotes in Destiny 2. The Leviathan Raid may be tough to get through, but you can get a lot from it. There is a small chance for a key called Loot-A-Palooza to drop when you complete the Leviathan Raid. Once you get the key, take it to The Tower, and a public event will start. Players will then have the chance to unlock a special chest that will start a “Dance Party”. Once you start dancing, a chest will drop with plenty of Exotic and Legendary Gear.

2Soccer Orb


The purple orb in Destiny 1 was probably everyone’s favorite prop. It was a ball that you can kick around the tower, but you don’t really get anything out of it. However, in Destiny 2 if you take the ball to a certain location you will start a puzzle mini-game that spawns several balls. Once you place those too in the right location, you will unlock a huge zero-gravity ball.

1The Farm


Bungie created a new social space called The Farm. There is a lot you can discover here, but it is not as cool as the Tower. However, this new place definitely has a nice charm to it in comparison with the Tower.

This location also has a secret mini-game that players can join in for fun. There is a secret roof you can get to that leads to the mini-game. It is called the Scouting Patrol, and it requires players to do some farm duties in a timed race.