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Door lock problems are something that every property owner encountered at some point. Such issues shouldn’t ever be ignored and can seriously affect your security. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t pay enough attention to home security until something goes wrong. That approach fails – when things go down, it’s already late and security and deadbolt issues that can lead to costly repairs are already coming your way. To avoid such situations, you should be focused on your safety and proper maintenance of your latch. When the issues are neglected and not properly addressed in time, they might make you face even bigger and more serious issues.

Here are some of the most common door lock issues and how to tackle them.

1. The lock works slowly

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Imagine that anytime you insert the key into the lock it gets stiffened and slow – doesn’t it sound annoying? This can also make you feel quite frustrated and even affect your whole mood in case you’re in a hurry and you need to lock or unlock the door quickly.

After some time of using interior and exterior deadbolts, they can get filthy from exposure to the outside components, such as dirt and grimes. But, before replacing the whole set, you should try some DIY methods. You can try inserting a cotton swab into the lock to clean the dirt. Also, if you notice that it isn’t lubricated enough, you can use a silicon or graphite spray to make sure the keyhole isn’t dry and the key can be easily inserted into the latch. You should never use grease or oil to lubricate it, as they can clog it, especially during the cold seasons.

2. Faulty mechanism

If the system is old and not well maintained, it can get problematic and defective due to excessive use. The door issues are mechanical and can become faulty over time. Mechanical problems should be left to professionals to solve them and you shouldn’t even try to solve them with any DIY option, as there’s a big chance you would know how the whole mechanism works.

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3. The key doesn’t lock

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When it comes to issues like this one – you should check your key well first and ensure you got the correct one. Try a few times and if the key works efficiently and turns as you insert it, then the problem is with the deadbolt not properly interacting with the strike plate. However, if the key doesn’t turn as you insert it, then you need to lubricate the keyhole by spraying the graphite. Also, if the key refuses to turn while you’re trying to close the gate, the problem could be with the tiny parts of the key that are worn or that have fallen off. This is a problem that needs to be fixed by someone familiar with how mechanisms work.

4. The key is stuck and broken inside the keyhole

The key can get stuck inside the latch due to being old or in case a rusty, misaligned door or some of its parts aren’t lubricated properly. The key can end up breaking inside the unit and then it’ll definitely be complicated to take it out which might make you end up waiting in front of your door for hours before you enter your house again. We guess you would agree that this might be quite frustrating. If the key is broken and stuck, there’s no way you would be able to fix the problem without calling the professionals. They will know what to do in order to rectify this the easy way and ensure you can enter your home without any hassle.

5. Misaligned door latch

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If your gate doesn’t close properly, the door latch probably doesn’t catch the strike plate. Your entrance will often stay open when you want it closed and the worst part is the situations when you can’t do it the way you want to. This worrying circumstance might be an option from time to time due to improper installment, heat, or damp weather conditions. Whatever the cause, you certainly don’t want your entrance to remain barely or completely unbolt when you urgently need to leave home. The team of experts is the answer to this issue as well.

6. Loose components

The door parts have numerous moving components that keep the whole system together. Each of the parts is equally significant for its functioning, so if any part gets loose or falls apart, the system won’t work in the right way. How do those parts become loose? The answer is pretty clear and simple – as you can already guess, they loosen up after long periods of use. After getting old and worn, if the screws come undone and you notice that, the solution is simply straightforward –  you can use the DIY repair method. Get the appropriate screwdriver and tighten the screws back in their place. At times this isn’t always so simple when the screws or the connecting parts are too worn down. If that’s the case, then they would need to be replaced and reinstalled by a team of professionals.


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Whatever the cause of this kind of trouble might be, you should make sure that it’s fixed on time. Such issues could make accessing your homes and offices impossible or at least cause trouble for you as a homeowner and other people involved in your business.

Therefore, you should ensure that you contact professionals if you want the issues to be tackled efficiently and promptly as such issues need to be resolved as soon as possible. There are some of the above-mentioned problems that can be resolved by homeowners with the following standard DIY methods, but there are also many of them that need to be addressed immediately if you want to avoid escalating to more damage that can lead to a dreadful situation and resolve the matter successfully.