When Holywood favourite Cameron Diaz finally confirmed to the public that she is retiring from the acting profession, at just 45 years old, she left many in tears. People adored her in romantic comedies that suited her perfectly, and she was a favourite face from small screens for most of the public.

When she announced her retirement two years ago, many were stunned, but Cameron said that she found “peace in her soul”. Then again, at the beginning of the year 2024, Cameron shared the wonderful news via social networks, which also shocked the world. Namely, the actress got a daughter at the age of 47 with her long-term chosen one, Benjamin Madden.

Perhaps the fact that she managed to hide her pregnancy from the public was not so shocking, since the actress has been living in the media illegally for five years and far from the spotlight. The public was more surprised by her attitude towards motherhood because for a long time she was explicit in her position that she did not want children.

Image source: pinterest.com

Diaz confirmed that she is retiring from acting in 2018, but she also said beforehand that she does not rule out the possibility of returning to acting waters one day. So, we have to wait and hope that we`ll see her again on the big screen. Of course, many would wish that there is another version of the charming and amusing Cameron Diaz, or that she has a twin sister somewhere.

Well, Cameron Diaz really has a sister Chimene Diaz, who looks much the same. But unfortunately, she`s not an actress, and she`s not a twin sister, too. They are so alike that many people think that they`re twins, and that`s where the rumours appear. The two of them share that exquisite grin and kind eyes and they’re just two years separated in age. Of course, they aren’t actually twins yet their solid likeness would trick anybody.
The older sister of the Hollywood actress is 47 years old and, unlike her two-year younger sister, she rarely appears in public.

There are only a few photos of them together on the Internet, but the similarity is what first catches the eye. Shimen is a little shorter and looks more like a woman from the ordinary world, but blue curls and a wide smile are an unavoidable point of recognition.

The audience doesn’t know too many information about Chimene, besides that she`s in marriage with musician Robbie Armstrong, and that the couple has a daughter named Chloe. She`s born in June 1970. in San Diego, CA, from the father Emilio and mother Billie. There are no enough informations about her education and former work and career, but now Chimene works and helps her husband as a booking agent.

Cameron and Chimene have very close relation which makes the impression that they share close ties. Chimene got a lot of attention at the top of Cameron’s career just because she looks very like her sister.