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Becoming a student of a university is easier than ever. Statistically, in modern times, a lot more people go to university and a lot of people also managed to finish it. But, this does not change the fact that being a college student is easy. Sure, there are some fun things you could do which are positive and beneficial, but the bigger part of this experience is stressful and difficult for most people. This is why a lot of college students face the same common problems, but fortunately, we also have solutions for those problems.

However, to properly resolve those issues, you will first need to have a good understanding of them. Once you can expect what is going to happen in the next four, five, or more years, you will at least be ready to deal with any challenges.

To assist you and make your college life a little bit simpler and a lot less stressful, I decided to write this article and tell you about all those common college student problems and their solutions.

1. Too much work/disorganization

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The worst thing about this is the transition from being just a high school kid that lives with their family to a lifestyle that is so different. This is especially true for the people that plan on living in a dormitory. So, you leave the comfort of your own home, the comfort of your own parents or siblings and you have to live all alone or with a roommate who is not going to be of much help.

While adjusting to this new type of lifestyle, you will also start getting a lot more work than you are used to. You will need to be present at dozens of studies, you will need to keep up with your professors, homework, lessons, and a bunch of other stuff. When you compare all of this with basic high school lessons, you understand that it was not difficult at all to study back then.

As more and more work starts to pile, often, students enter a disorganized mindset and it is very difficult to get back on top. But there is a way to get out of this black hole of assignments – contact the professional writers at and be sure that your papers will be ready before all deadlines.

To get out of this situation, you need to take a step back, take a breath and understand that you can deal with this. Millions of other people have been through a similar situation and they managed to get out of it. So, it is not impossible.

Remember, you can always call your siblings, cousins, and parents for some motivation or help. You may be far away from them, but I am sure they will always be ready to help.

2. Much more complicated homework

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As I mentioned previously, you will be getting a lot more homework as a college student, but it is important to understand that the homework you are going to get in a university will be nothing similar to what you got in high school.

Back in high school, you get home, you watch TV, go out with friends, play games, or whatever else and then you spend an hour or two maximum on your homework.

That is not how you will be dealing with these much more difficult tasks that you will be getting from your professors. In fact, you will probably be spending most of your free time dealing with college homework.

In reality, there is no solution to this problem. All you have to do is just get through it. Although, there are some online services out there that could help you with essay writing or some other projects as suggested by HomeworkHelpGlobal.

3. Lack of healthy nutrition

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As a child, you do not have to worry a lot about what your next meal should be or whether you are getting enough nutrition throughout the day. You do not have to worry about it because your mother, your father, or your older siblings will prepare the meal for you.

Sure, you may have the habit of making breakfast or late supper, but that is not going to be enough as a college student. You will need to be thinking about your nutrition every single day, in the morning, in the middle of the day, and at night. Without enough nutrition, you will have a hard time focusing and maintaining your mass.

Understand that it is going to be difficult to keep up with your diet while trying to study. However, you also have to understand that your daily nutrition is more important than anything else. There are a lot of quick and easy healthy recipes out there, so I think that it will be quite beneficial to spend 15 or 30 minutes of your time cooking something tasty and healthy at the same time.

4. Lack of sleep

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In the first year, while still trying to transition into this very difficult lifestyle, you will not be able to manage your time quite well. This is understandable. In other words, you will probably be staying up late to finish all of your homework and you will also be getting up early in the morning to get to class.

This leads to only four or five hours of sleep which is not enough for a man or a woman that is 20 to 30 years of age. You need at least 7 to 8 hours every day to keep a clear mind and a strong focus.

Make sure that you always get enough rest throughout the night.

5. Procrastination

Procrastination is everyone’s worst enemy, but it is definitely the most prevalent in college students. With so much work and with such a sudden transition in life, it can be easy for a person to become depressed. Like depression and anxiety leads to heavy procrastination.

Getting rid of such an awful habit is not going to be easy. But, if you maintain all of your other habits such as eating healthy, working out, talking with friends, you will be able to state active enough throughout the day to keep studying.

There are probably dozens of other common college student problems, but I believe that the ones I mentioned above are some of the worst ones. But, as you can see, it is not impossible to find a solution to those problems.