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Women put a lot of thought into choosing the right undergarments, while men tend to just buy the cheapest ones in bulk. Underwear is concealed in nature, usually, so men don’t think about it much. However, uncomfortable underwear, too tight, too loose, or too long, can make your day miserable and affect your self-confidence. There are many different kinds available so choosing the right one for your body type is essential to go through the day with comfort. Let’s see what are the most important things to look for when buying underwear and what type you should stick to.

1. Choosing the right material

Cotton is the king when it comes to underwear. It’s a natural fabric that is breathable and it won’t make you sweat causing all sorts of infections and the annoying chafing in the warm weather. Cotton is recommended for both men’s and women’s underwear. Because of its softness, it’s not recommended if you’re looking for more support.

For the times when you need seamless under clothes, go with the ones made out of synthetics, like nylon. They are stretchy and will blend in with your skin making them invisible from the outside. However, make sure that they are lined with cotton fabric in the crotch area to remain breathable and not trap any moisture that can cause rashes.

2. Getting the right size

The best way to choose the right underwear size is to measure your waist and hips. Many brands have a size chart where you can see which one fits you best. If you don’t have your measurements, buy different sizes, and try them out at home.

If the underwear is too tight, and you can see bulging on the sides, it’s a clear sign that you need a bigger size. Small undergarments will make you uncomfortable to walk or sit, and it can cause infections and skin rashes.

Sagging is clearly visible when the underclothes are too big for you, or is too old and the fabric lost its elasticity. If there is no support at all, even in cotton knickers, you need a smaller one. Make sure that they are not loose anywhere around your waist, since it can put you in embarrassing situations.

3. Slim body shape

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Men with a slim body frame have several options to wear. Trunks, briefs, and boxer-briefs are all the perfect choices. All three types have a tight waist that will fit nicely on slimmer men. Briefs are snugger, and can be worn when you need to be sure that your underwear is seamless; trunks are about the same fit with just a bit longer leg, while boxer-briefs are looser in design but still snug enough for the slim figures.

4. Athletic body shape

Athletic men can wear just about anything, right? Well, yes, they can. Briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, and boxers will all fit well. However, if you work out or are physically active during the day, choosing a snugger fit might be your better option, like briefs or boxer-briefs. This will ensure that there is no chafing or sweating during the activities.

5. Average body shape

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An average men’s body has wider hips and a bit of a belly going on, so not every underwear will fit. Briefs are a big no-no because of the tight waistband that can make your belly look even bigger. Also, hips are not going to have any support, so stay away from this type of underwear even though they are on sale. The best bet would be to wear trunks or boxer-briefs since they offer great support and comfort to the midsection area that will reshape a bit of your lower body. Check out some of the greatest models at

6. Large body shape

Men that are big and tall can still find comfortable fit – boxer shorts. They are loose and wide enough to feel comfy and pleasant throughout the day. Still, if this is your body type and you need to wear suit pants, this might not be the best choice. They are too loose and can cause chafing, so try to find your size among the boxer-briefs. They are wide but snugger around the waist and hips.

7. Unconventional underwear

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Briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs, and boxers are the most common underwear among men. However, there are some alternate styles for the bravest ones. Before we go into styles, we must say that these are ultimately your own choice and you should wear them if it makes you feel comfortable.

  • The bikini – Simply put, these are like briefs only a bit narrow in the back. In the front, you will still have the full support that you need. Not the regular choice, but not too extraordinary either. This style is preferable by athletic, muscular men that are very physically active and don’t need much support on the back.
  • The thong – Just like women’s thongs, men’s are completely bare in the back while the whole patch of the material on the front is still there. It’s a bit unusual, but are regularly used by athletes and bodybuilders.
  • +G-string – Just like the name says it: bare behind to another level. Not so uncommon as you would think, since some muscular men don’t even need any support in the back.
  • Jockstraps – The beloved kind among all sportsmen. Jockstraps have one elastic waistband and two straps going around your groin area. In the front, there is a pouch as minimal support equipped with a pocket that is used for a cup. Some versions come with a plastic pouch for additional protection in rough sports, like hockey or football.

Whether you choose boxers or thongs, the important part is that you feel good wearing it. With the right material and size, you will feel comfortable and at ease while going about your daily routine. If you think that taking the time to choose the right underwear is a total waste – think again! Chafing, infections, irritated skin, and pain are just some of the problems you could be facing. So, yes, you do need to choose the right fit for you if you want to feel confident and oh-so-sexy!