Everyone likes a comfortable pair of underwear, but there are some designs that are just bizarre. Now, whether or not you choose to show off your bizarre choice in undergarments is completely up to you, but I am not sure showing these off will make them laugh at you or love you all the more.


iPhone Panties

This pair of underwear is just the right pair for the iPhone lovers out there. They even have the words “Slide to Unlock” on them. This could be enticing to the right person.

iphone panties



Chopstick Bra

Triumph International Japan has come up with a bra that is eco-friendly and it promises cleavage. This bra has reusable chopsticks in the pockets on the sides. The front is made up a two bowls, one is rice and the other is miso soup.

chopstic bra



Anatomy Underwear

Parsons released this design at the Fall Fashion 2009 event. It has patches where the breast and hair should be. It raised eyebrows and just might be to innovative for the fashion world.

anatomy underwear



Men’s Pushup Underwear

This is a new trend for men. Women have had pushup bras for years and now it is the men’s turn. For those men who feel that they need a little help downstairs, this will make your life a little easier.

man pushup underwear



Fat-Burning Underwear

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a solution to the world’s weight problem. With this specialized underwear, the object is to move. The more you move around the more weight you will lose.

fat burning underwear