For your bar to be successful, it is not enough to know the most original recipes for making craft beer. Brewing delicious beverages, their proper storage and serving them to guests effectively are only possible with proper equipment.

We are ready to help you choose such equipment and have compiled a list of 10 items that any draft beer serving bar should have!

1. Bar Tap

Although it is one of the smallest elements of such establishments’ interiors, bar taps play a huge role in their successful work.

  • Firstly, they facilitate the bartender’s work and make the serving of the draft beer even more interesting and spectacular. Tap handles are designed to pour beer into a glass, and some models also allow you to control the flow of the drink.
  • Secondly, beer handles are one of the few visible elements of the draft beer system. They are usually placed so that they immediately catch the eye of your customers. That is why bar tap is an excellent marketing tool that allows you to advertise your products in an original way. To do this, you can apply branding on them with the logo of your brewery or beer.

Tap handles can be made of various materials: porcelain, brass, resin or acrylic. However, ceramics or wood are most commonly used for production. Both of these materials are durable and wear-resistant, and a large selection of original shapes will allow each brewer to find a unique solution that will become a real highlight of his bar.

2. Draft Beer Faucets


Since we are talking about beer taps, it is time to remember where this equipment is attached.

So, these taps are a “continuation” of the beer faucets. In turn, draft beer faucets are devices used for beer dispensing from kegs. They are usually installed at the top of the beer dispenser or kegerator and allow the control of beer flow from the barrel to the glass.

The most common production materials are chromium, brass and stainless steel. There are also plastic models, but they are cheaper and less durable options.

There are several types of beer faucets:

  • forward sealing faucets;
  • self-closing faucets;
  • flow control faucets;
  • stout and ale faucets.

3. Beer Tower

A beer tower is a type of beer dispensing device, which is often found in bars, restaurants or at parties. Usually, it is a high vertical column with a beer container in the base and a faucet for its dispensing. It allows you to serve your visitors even faster and thus increase the volume of beer sold.

Beer dispensers come in different sizes, shapes and configurations:

  • Steel, chrome or brass are commonly used for production.
  • You can choose a model with a different number of taps: single, double or multi-tap beer towers.
  • Different types of designs: elbow, cylindrical, wall-mounted, ceramic, double, under-counter, T-towers, and much more.

4. Kegs


Kegs are containers designed for alcoholic beverage production and storage. This is one of the essential items for the bar, where draft beer is served. Kegs come in different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials. However, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for their production.

As for the sizes, the choice depends on the volumes of your production:

  • Corny keg is suitable for those bars that produce limited batches of beer or for testing some new recipe. Sixth Barrel Keg can also be used for this purpose.
  • For large batches, it is worth taking Quarter Barrel or Half Barrel Keg. Also as an alternative to Half Barrel, a 50 Litre Keg can be used.

5. Yeast Brink

This is a special container for the cultivation and reproduction of yeast used in the fermentation process.

It allows brewers to control the environment for yeast growth, which ensures that the yeast is healthy and free from contamination, which can spoil the quality or taste of the drink.

6. Kegerators


These are specialized chillers designed specifically for the storage of beer kegs at the required temperature.

They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the number of barrels you plan to serve. Also, the choice of the appropriate kegerator model is affected by:

  • Location: portable or built-in devices, as well as outdoor equipment;
  • Type of barrels;
  • Design.

7. Bar Fridges

If kegerators are needed to store beer in kegs, bar refrigerators are suitable for those establishments that serve drinks in bottles.

When choosing this equipment, we recommend paying attention to:

  • Size: For commercial purposes, you need large enough equipment.
  • Doors: you can choose a model with sliding or hinged doors;
  • The shelves should be adjustable in height;
  • As an option, you can buy equipment designed for storing both beer in kegs and bottled drinks.

8. Glycol Chiller


Glycol chiller is a cooling system that uses a mixture of glycol and water. This equipment is necessary for cooling the beer lines going from the barrel to the tap.

In addition to glycol, you can also use the air cooling system. However, we still recommend glycol chiller, and here’s why:

  • Provides faster and more accurate cooling;
  • Allows maintaining even the narrowest temperature ranges with a variation of 1°C;
  • Helps reduce the risk of wort caramelization;
  • Allows more accurate control of the yeast-adding process;
  • Suitable for long-draw bars (more than 7.5 m) when the kegs and bar counter are at a considerable distance from each other.

9. Gas Cylinders

Tanks with carbon dioxide or nitrogen are used for beer carbonation or dispensing from barrels. The gas is stored in the pressure tank and fed into the barrel by means of a gas line and a regulator that controls the pressure of the gas coming out of the tank and entering the beer line.

CO2 is the most common gas used for the carbonation and dispensing of most beers. In turn, nitrogen is required for the production of stouts, ales or porters.

10. Drip Trays


The product is designed to catch any drops or spillages that may occur during the beer dispensing process.

This is particularly important in commercial brewing, as beer spillage can lead to bacterial growth, unpleasant smell or sticky floors.

There are several models of drip trays: counter-mounted, wall-mounted or portable trays.

The right beer equipment is important for the success of the bar. Whether you serve draft beer or bottled beer, investing in Bar Beer Equipment is important to keep your customers happy and your business prosperous.

To purchase all items from our list: from bar taps to large commercial kegerators, visit the Beverage Craft online store. This brand offers an excellent choice of quality brewing equipment, so you will serve your guests the perfect pint of beer every time.