If you’ve recently decided to set up your own personal man or girl cave, you might be in the market for some quality accessories. Or perhaps you’re upgrading your entertainment area at home?

Some fun items that may be on your list of must-have accessories can include everything from an air hockey table to a unique and stylish bar fridge. If you’ve never bought a mini fridge before, our post about the top tips to consider will be very useful.

Fundamental Bar Fridge Tips to Consider

When you’re considering a bar fridge for your bar or entertainment area, it’s important to consider a few tips that will ensure you opt for the one best suited to your space. The key factors to keep in mind are discussed below.

1. Always Measure the Space


Quite possibly the most important consideration to make is the size. If your bar fridge must fit into a specific space, be sure to measure the space carefully. The good news is that not all bar fridges are the same size, so you can find the right model for your space. While some homeowners prefer to place their bar fridges in a designated space under a counter, others prefer to place them on top.

2. Opt Between a Compressor or Absorption Version

For the most part, bar fridges are powered in one of two main ways – compressor or absorption. Generally, vapor-compression fridges use a compressor to perform the essential functions required. Compressor fridges are better suited to smaller spaces where there isn’t always sufficient ventilation space.

An absorption-powered fridge uses a heat source to perform its cooling functions. That means they need to stand in well-ventilated areas with adequate “breathing” space.

3. Choose the Biggest Size Available

If you’re not bound by a specific space, you might be tempted to buy a small bar fridge to save money. However, a little-known fact is that small fridges consume a lot more energy relative to their size. If you want to be cost-efficient, opt for the largest model that will fit in the available space.

If you have ample space available, do a rough calculation of the number of drinks you want to store on any given day. This will give you an idea of the size you need. Rather take your time researching your needs along with specific bar fridges for sale, so you make the right long term decision.

4. Types of Shelves Matter


While you might think that it doesn’t really matter what the shelves are made of, here’s a point to ponder. With grill shelves, a small spill on the top shelf will leak down to the bottom of the fridge. This means you’ll have to clean the whole fridge when you’re cleaning.

With glass shelves, you won’t have that problem. A single spill can easily be contained to the shelf it’s on. If however, your ideal bar fridge model is only available with grill shelves, here’s a pro tip to consider. Place PVC or plastic placemats on the shelf before stocking up your fridge!

5. Adjustable Shelves are a Must

Another shelf tip!

Keep in mind that bar fridges are considerably smaller than regular small fridges. That means you’ll need adjustable shelves to fit in drinks that aren’t regular-sized. Storing bigger bottles will be as simple as removing one of the shelves. If you’re going to use the fridge for something other than drinks, adjustable spaces might allow you to add an additional shelf if needed.

When shelves are adjustable it’s also easier to keep the fridge hygienic. Simply remove the shelves altogether when it’s time to clean!

6. Choose the Right Placement

Another crucial aspect to consider is where you’ll be placing the fridge. If you have several spaces to choose from, rather place the fridge away from any heat-emitting appliances or devices. This means your fridge shouldn’t stand near a stove or water heater.

When a fridge is close to a warm device, it will have to work harder to remain as cool as you need it. This ultimately affects the efficiency of your bar fridge, and you may also see an increase in your energy bill. It’s also recommended to place your fridge away from direct sunlight, especially in winter months.

7. Where Possible, Ventilate


Many bar owners often choose to build their bar fridges into the cabinetry of the décor in the room. This isn’t always as simple as it seems because it can hamper the amount of ventilation. Creating space for ventilation essentially means there’s enough room for hot air to escape and cooler air to flow around your bar fridge.

If you’re going to build a specific cabinet for your bar fridge, it’s a good idea to opt for a model with front venting units. A simpler method is simply to let your fridge stand on the floor or on the counter, where there’s enough free-flowing air.

Final Thought

Whether you’re adding a bar fridge to your home office, man cave, hobby room, home bar or even bedroom, our tips make shopping a little easier. Get the perfect unit for your space so you can enjoy it that much more!