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Tips to Calculate CBD content to get the right product for you?

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If you are intrigued by CBD products, then surely you are thinking about consuming them. The first thing that you would probably do is to go to a shop, check out the label and choose the product that way. However, if you have never tried these before, everything might seem confusing simply because there are so many different goods you can choose from.

Unfortunately, these labels can oftentimes be misleading. Some people might think that they are getting the right content, but in reality, they are not. Other manufacturers may sell large bottles of oil that contain little CBD.

Because of this reason, it is important to understand how to read those labels, and obviously, how much content should the product perfect for you have. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to calculate it, if you want to go out and make a purchase on your own. On the other hand, if you think you will need help from someone else, visit CanaBD match maker website.

Different levels of concentration

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Firstly, let us introduce you to these levels. Clearly, different products contain different amounts of CBD. When you go out to find the right good for you, one of the first things that you should investigate is what the amount of CBD in a product is, and also how much oil there is in a bottle.


Usually, you can choose between 250 mg and 5000 mg. If this is the first time you are using CBD, naturally you should start with 250 mg – 500 mg of CBD per bottle. You probably know that the same amount doesn’t have the same effect on everyone meaning that for one person it may be too much, but the other one would disagree. The recommended dosage on the label is a full dropper, so you should start there and use the 250 mg bottle.


Furthermore, people who have already used CBD oils before will probably go with the medium concentration i.e. 1000 mg – 2000 mg. One dropper of this product contains around 33 mg per dropper (30 mg bottle of 1000 mg of CBD).


Finally, there is a high concentration of 2500 mg – 5000 mg. People, who opt for it, are experienced consumers who prefer something that has a stronger effect. Naturally, this should never be your first choice if you are a novice.

How to read labels?

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As already mentioned, these can be misleading. Some companies might put more oil in a bigger bottle but the concentration is low, and others might not write information about the content of the product.

First of all, you should investigate the overall content in packaging. Most people are used to just checking out the number and buying a product. This is okay if you are getting an alcoholic drink for example because the amount of alcohol stays the same regardless of the size of the bottle. Still, CBD products do not follow the same path. For example, 250 mg of oil contains 250 mg of CBD regardless of the bottle, whether it holds 15 or 30 milliliters of the product. Because of this, you have to do some calculations before making a purchase.

In addition, you should calculate how much oil you would have to take in order to achieve what you want. You should not go and buy on impulse a larger packaging simply because you believe that it will last you longer and that you are going to save some money.

What is the right amount for you?

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We have discussed some options that you have, now let us talk about different things that you have to consider that are going to help you determine the right content for you.

Stick to the recommended doses

Before we begin, if you are prescribed a medication for treating some illness and your doctor has instructed you on the level of CBD that you have to take, you should stick to that recommendation. There is absolutely no reason why you should go on your own and buy something with a higher dose, without previously talking to your physician.

Consider your body

Moreover, you have to think about your body weight and body chemistry. This is why the same amount of oil or gummies doesn’t have the same effect on everyone. As already explained, if you want to use oil, you have to carefully consider the levels of CBD.

Start with small doses

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If you do not have a recommendation about this matter, then you should start with a small dosage of 20 to 40 mg and then increase it gradually. If you are looking for gummies, pills or capsules just go and buy the one that has that content. On the other note, when it comes to oil, as you can assume, you have to do some calculation. These come in bottles with droppers, and some labels might indicate how much CBD there is in a single drop. If this is the case, all you have to do is to calculate how many drops you need.

Get educated

If it isn’t specified, you should know that one drop (not entire dropper) is around 0.05 milliliters. If the label says that the oil contains 1000 mg of CBD it means that one drop is around 5 mg of CBD, if we are talking about 10mL bottle.

Why is it important to choose the right product?

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Before we conclude this article, we are going to tell you what the downsides of making the wrong choice are. First of all, if you buy the wrong product you might end up using more or less CBD then you actually need. If the latter is the case, you will probably start increasing the dosage to feel the effect which is going to lead to using more oil thus wasting money.

On the other note, if you buy a product that contains higher concentration, you might end up not using it at all because, well, it is too strong for you. Again, you will throw the money down the drain because you will have to go and buy another bottle of oil.