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The afternoon sun peeks through the palm leaves and lands on your colorful beach mat. While the pleasant sound of the waves breaking on the seashore reaches your ears and soothes your very soul. You’ve never felt this relaxed in quite a long time. Sipping a chilled cocktail, you browse through a magazine, stress-free. However, this ideal scenario doesn’t last very long, as your bedside alarm jolts you awake. It’s time to go to the office. Grudgingly, you step out of the warm blankets, reminding you of the tropical sun, and onto the cold, wooden floor. Dreams are dreams, you sadly say, as you start preparing for another monotonous day.

The planet is abundant in attractive places, and discovering them takes no hard work. Also, places that we consider are costly can also be very economical if you learn those secrets and tricks — no matter the region, you will still visit in a friendly pocket.

No. I refuse to believe that. Dreams are not just fleeting, abstract illusions. They are there to be converted into reality. And you know what? Only you can do that, with courage. If previously you’ve had your reasons as to not go on that much-deserved tropical vacation, I say you tackle them like a strong person you are and take that refreshing first step outside your front door. Don’t worry about exhausting your savings, as I’m going to tell you of the top island destinations which offer so many chances of enjoyment without over-toppling your budget. Check them out below.

1. The Caribbean:

All the islands that are afloat on the Caribbean Sea come under this geographical name tag and include Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Greater Antilles and Jamaica, etc. These islands are culturally rich and diverse, and warrant a visit at least once in a lifetime. Especially attractive, from a monetary point of view, is the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana. This region has everything you could possibly need to de-stress yourself. From white sand beaches which become diamond stretches under sunlight to artfully created golf courses, from tasty La Bandera to local music scenes around bonfires, and from snorkeling opportunities in the crystal clear blue pools to zip lining in the caverns, Punta Cana will give you one hell of a ride.

2. Fiji:

An archipelago hosting more than three hundred islands in the South Pacific Ocean goes by the name of Fiji. And what is it especially famous for? The clearest lagoons you could ever put your eyes on! Yes, in terms of landscape, Fiji has it all. Want to trek through the dry forests and go on an ecotourism adventure? Don your favorite backpack and hike through the scenic routes? Spend a day diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding? Walkthrough the cultural museums enriched with the local history? Savor your taste buds with the signature dishes like Kokoda, Lovo, and Kava? Yes, you can totally experience all this and at affordable rates too. If you want to further cut down on your budget and save expenses, then steer clear of the luxurious resorts and opt to live like the locals instead.

The majority of us believe that Pacific Island is a pricey paradise full of high-priced beaches, food, and services. That isn’t necessarily the case, though. Fiji is still fairly inexpensive to visit, compared to Fiji’s pricey island neighbors and aggressive marketing. While the country has various $1,000-a-night resorts, without mortgaging your home you can experience sandy beaches, world-class surfing, excellent seafood, and welcoming locals.

Since Fiji is a Fiji Airline’s stopover, there are several flights that you can find in the region. Many backpackers are using it in their favor, a new group of backpackers is emerging as well. That implies, in specific, Yasawa Islands have cheap lodging, transportation, and events to take advantage of.

You can also use all these offers to save money if you’re not a backpacker. Fiji is one of the best and should not be overlooked as a budget destination.

3. Greek Islands:

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There is something about these islands that just blows your mind away. Perhaps, it’s the emerald green waters or the antique buildings which hold such an appeal. Located in the Mediterranean, Greek islands are an ideal destination for couples especially. Watching a dusky pink romantic sunset, feasting on delicious Moussaka, and listening to the bouzouki players spreading local tunes around sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? And this experience doesn’t cost that much at all. Don’t believe me? Check out the basic accommodation and miscellaneous rates online using your super-affordable connection from the ever-popular internet packages, or you may click this link to check out the fastest and most reliable internet option if you don’t have one yet. Just a tip: Choose September as your vacation month, because the prices get cheaper than usual at that time of the year.

Kos is a Greek Island off Turkey’s shore. It is a famous spot during the whole year, especially in summer months, it is the most enticing. Kos’ biggest draws are the numerous long, sandy beaches and the spectacular nature. But the vibrant life in Kos Town or old ruins of Greece, such as the Askleipion and the Odeon can’t be overlooked.

For a big, well-developed island, Kos is very inexpensive. It is popular with travelers from many European countries, coming to many all-inclusive Hotels and big beach resorts. This is often really cheap fares. It draws tourists. Look for June or September flights as fares are slightly lower and less costly at that time of the year and weather is simply awesome!

Almost all hotels are spacious, provides decent value because of heavy competition, and food and drink costs are relatively low. Greece attracts visitors and rates have fallen in several ways so that in the next years this could be a reasonable option

So? What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Pack your bags and head over to these famous and affordable island destinations ASAP.