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So, maybe you’ve decided that you want to try CBD – now what? That’s where the fun begins! Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll want to get familiar with a variety of its products and know-how to administer it correctly. In addition, it’s essential to know how you can incorporate CBD into your routine. Let’s shed light on three major types of CBD extract and the top seven formats of CBD-infused products.

Main Types Of CBD Products

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CBD products come in three broad categories: full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum.

Full-spectrum CBD refers to cannabidiol that contains the full amount of compounds from the cannabis plant. This is useful for bringing about the ‘entourage effect’. The entourage effect occurs due to the synergy of compounds in cannabis, and because of this, it is thought to be more useful than isolating single compounds.

CBD isolate is a highly-processed product to extract a pure form of cannabidiol. It does not contain any other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum falls in between the two, often including no THC.

Seven Best Forms Of CBD Infused Products

There are many different methods of incorporating the calming effects of cannabidiol into your life, from edibles, that include capsules, cakes, and beverages, to vaporizers, to skin-based products like salves, oils, and other creams. Here are just a few examples.


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Method: Just a few drops under the tongue
Benefits: Tinctures come in handy little bottles along with a pipette. They hit the bloodstream quite quickly, and therefore you will see the effects promptly with just 2-5 applications of the pipette twice a day under the tongue.


Method: Apply to the skin liberally
Benefits: Balms and salves can often contain many other useful ingredients, such as shea, cacao butter, hemp oils, and vitamins A and E.

They can be used by people with various skin issues and benefit from many different varieties for all skin types. More often than not, balms and salves can be applied liberally to the skin at whatever time suits you. The amount you use is limitless so you can feel confident about rejuvenating and nourishing your skin.

Using skin creams is an immensely relaxing experience and can be spread over a small or large area of your body. This method relies on absorbing cannabidiol transdermally rather than into the bloodstream so is best used on certain areas of the body.


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Method: Orally ingested as with any other kind of pill!
Benefits: Many people are used to taking pills or capsules orally so that this form may be more comfortable for them. Starting with two capsules a day, they can be easily stored in a bag to carry around with you. As many of us will have experience with capsules, they can make a tidier alternative to the potential messiness and untidy nature of tinctures.

Vape juice

Method: Inhalation
Benefits: Another quick and effective method of getting cannabidiol into your body. It’s worth looking into the right dosage for you. Starting with 1-2mg, then steadily increasing until you experience calming effects is a good idea. They also come in a large range of flavours to suit your own tastes and preferences. This is particularly useful if you are already a ‘vaper’.


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Method: Eaten!
Benefits: One of the newer varieties on the market, gummies can be eaten on the go as with any usual kind of sweet or snack. Again, it’s worth paying attention to the amount. 5mg can be snacked on throughout the day – they may take 30 minutes to 2 hours to start working.


Method: You drink it
Benefits: A nice alternative to other varieties. Tea may not only manifest itself in its usual calming manner but due to the caffeine also offset drowsiness, culminating in a stress-free, anxiety-reduced experience with enhanced focus.


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Method: Insertion into the anus or vagina
Benefits: Sometimes, many of the previous applications might not be right for you, or you might just wish to try something new! Rectal administration of CBD can reach the bloodstream in much higher concentrations.

Incorporating CBD Products Into A Daily Routine

Which type of product you eventually decide to choose will probably depend on your daily routine; however, it need not be a chore. A simple ritual, morning, noon, or evening can help bring about its benefits. If choosing to administer CBD in capsule form, then why not do what many others do? Just take one or two with a glass of water before your breakfast. If opting for a balm or salve, then keeping it in your bag will allow for frequent application to specific areas throughout the day. What about at the end of a long day? Then what about a cup of relaxing tea?

Ingesting CBD Each Day

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So, how often should you take CBD? While it will vary for each individual, it’s recommended that you ingest it at least once a day if you’re taking it to support your mental health. That is because to benefit from the therapeutic features of CBD; it’s vital that a reasonable and stable amount of cannabidiol is maintained in your system. Of course, you may be wondering whether you should take CBD more than once daily.

There are no general guidelines as of yet regarding how often you should consume the products based on your health objectives. The best approach is to track your progress and work out for yourself what frequency of consumption feels right for you. How many drops you should take each time can also vary. Many products have their own recommendations which you can refer to. Regardless, you should visit your doctor before making a decision.

Whichever product you eventually decide on, to fully gain the benefits of cannabidiol it is wise to incorporate it seamlessly into your daily routine as a part of a nourishing and positive mental health regime. If you can find time to sacrifice in this manner, then the benefits will certainly become obvious!

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