Your son might have expressed the desire to practice soccer and if so, you’ll have to purchase the right equipment, clothes, and naturally, shoes before you can sign him up for practice.

Choosing the right equipment and clothes is relatively easy, however, when it comes to choosing cleats, you may be feeling completely overwhelmed and confused by the number of models you can choose from.

Because of this, you may be wondering what are some of the best kids’ soccer cleats you could purchase. Fortunately for all parents that found themselves in this same situation, our article below can assist you! Here is our list of 4 best cleats for boys, as well as some tips that’ll assist you with choosing a suitable option for your kid:

1. “Ace FXG J” By Adidas


Price: Starts From $90
Pros: Waterproof, Light, Comfy, Nice Design
Cons: Not a Lot of Sizes Available

The first model in this guide comes from Adidas, a well-known company that ensured that these particular cleats are comfy, light, and waterproof. Since they’ll deliver a snug and tight fit, your kid won’t be bothered by feeling uncomfortable, which suggests that they can concentrate more on the field.

The lining added to the inside of the model will keep their feet dry, hence, even if their feet get sweaty, the lining will keep moisture away from the skin.

The outsole is incredibly elastic and durable, so, they could be used on both fake and real grass, and hard terrains, which basically implies that you won’t have to concern yourself about your kid slipping while when practicing.

The design is also one of the things a lot of kids love about this option and the only drawback that you might come across is that they aren’t available in various sizes, hence, you may not be capable of finding the size that suits your kid.

2. “High Top Soccer Cleats” By Dream Pairs


Price: Starts From $32
Pros: Light, Comfy, Cushioned, Long-lasting, Anti-Slip
Cons: N/A

Next on our list are cleats that are a bit different from the rest of the models we’ll mention, mostly because they have high-top elastic socks that’ll ensure that your child could move their ankles without any hindrances or issues.

This model comes in several colors and several designs, hence, your son will be capable of choosing a model that suits their preferences. The studs are completely anti-slip and stable, so, even if they’re used on, for instance, a wet surface, your kid won’t slip and fall.

They are also light, which indicates that your kid won’t feel fatigued, and more importantly, they will feel comfortable, thus, your son will be capable of focusing on the practice.

The insole is cushioned and they also have a premium DP combo, which basically suggests that they’ll last longer – which isn’t the case with some other models on this list. The structure is also incredibly modern, which for most kids is quite important. To check out what you could opt for, visit

3. “JR Bravata FG II” By Nike


Price: Starts From $45
Pros: Adequate Control, Various Colors & Sizes, Comfortable, Durable
Cons: It Tends to Be Narrow

If stylish is what your kid likes, stylish is what they’ll get by opting for these special cleats. They’re firm, durable, and completely functional, thus, your son won’t have any issues with their performance on the field.

They feature specific and innovative micro-textured leather uppers, which is the reason why these cleats look so good, but more importantly, they’re what will allow your kid to have better control of the ball.

The company behind these cleats also included an asymmetrical lacing system which is placed at a position where they won’t get in the way of the ball. Further, the short sock liner will provide cushioning, hence, comfort won’t be a problem.

There is one downside that we must note, the structure tends to be a little bit narrower, meaning that your kid won’t be comfortable while wearing them if they have wider feet.

4. “Cattura MD JR” By Diadora


Price: Starts From $27
Pros: Affordable, Comfy, Come in a Lot of Sizes, Good For Beginners
Cons: Laces Are Short

The last option on our list is ideal for children that have just discovered soccer, hence, if your son is just starting out with his practices, you might want to consider purchasing these specific cleats.

They’re quite comfy to wear for a longer period of time, they’re quite affordable, and they also come in a wide range of sizes and colors, which basically suggests that you’ll be capable of finding something that your child likes.

The upper is manufactured from polyurethane, which will make sure that they could be worn for a long time. The midsoles can and will easily absorb shock, thus, you won’t have to worry about your kid hurting their feet while practicing.

Also, the mesh lining will remove any moisture and sweat, which will ensure that your kid’s feet are dry. The only downside to purchasing this model is that the laces are short, so they cannot be tied in a double knot.

Some Tips to Remember When Browsing


Before we conclude this article, there are a few tips that we must mention, mostly because they’ll help you choose comfy and suitable cleats for your kid. For starters, you must make sure that they are comfortable since if not, your kid won’t be able to focus on the match or practice. You can ensure this by choosing the right shoe according to your kid’s foot size and shape. Second, they must try on the footwear so that they can see whether or not they suit their playing style and needs.

This indicates that you have to choose a model that is light and that’ll provide reinforcement to your son’s feet. Also, when trying on different options, you should ask your kid whether or not they’re feeling pressure at specific points, and if they do, the shoes might not be a good fit for them, mostly because they will probably be tight at some points. If all seems good after applying these tips, you and your kid could purchase the cleats.


If your son is about to start practicing soccer, one of the most significant things that you could ensure is to purchase suitable cleats for him. By doing so, you could ensure that they’re comfortable and that their feet are cushioned, all of which will help them focus on the game instead of feeling discomfort.

Since you’ve now learned what are some of the top options that you can choose from, you might not want to lose any more of your time reading guides similar to this one. Instead, you talk to your kid, determine what they want, and from there, start browsing different options so that you can find something suitable.