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The most common difference between the m4v and mp4 is that m4v gives you DRM-copyright security, which helps you to get out of the copyright.

About M4V file format

M4V is a file container format invented by Apple Inc. involves audios and videos in the H.264 AAC download video tips. According to , the container is secured by Apple’s FairPlay technology. The first chunk is the type of “ftype”, and subtype “M4V_” at offset 8. The next fragments are as follows : “ftype”, “mdadt”, “moov”, “pnot”, “udta”, “uuid”, “moof”, “free”, “skip”, “jp2”, “wide”, “load”, “ctab”, “imap”, “matt”, “kmatt”, “clip”, “crgn”, “sycn”, “chap”, “tmcd”, “scpt”, “ssrc”, or “PICT”. M4V documents can have closed subtitles that tagged with unique metadata. These subtitles identified and decoded by QuickTime.

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Programs that accessible M4V files


  • File viewer plus
  • Media player classic
  • PCF micro
  • Microsoft window media player
  • Nullsoft Winamp
  • VideoLAN VLC media player


  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple QuickTime player
  • Eltima Elmedia player
  • VideoLAN VLC media player
  • PCF micro

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About MP4 file format

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MP4 documents (MPEG-4 part 14) are multimedia document container. MP4 store audio, video, subtitles data, and so on. MP4 develops by moving pictures experts group. It’s an audio/MPEG type. The MP4 file format released in the 2000s that becomes the most famous and popular multimedia container. The main motive to use this MP4 file format is to store short clips, movies, TV shows, and home movies. MP4 (MPEG-4, AAC)-include 1080p, 720p and the real input video size.


The m4v is similar to mp4, but in fact, some main incompatibility hits the difference of these two file formats. The MP4 (AAC) consists of MPED-4 or H.264 video codec. M4V (AC3) consists of H.264 only. We can play M4V only on our computer that is authorized by iTunes and Apple devices only. MP4 can run in any device and media player. There is no difference between M4V and MP4 if you remove DRM from M4V. M4v file is limited to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and iTunes.

Need to convert M4V to MP4?

The M4V file id invented from MP4 format. You can get a smooth and useful method to convert M4V to MP4. You can edit any video easily with the help of WonderShare Uniconverto m4v to mp4 converter. You can convert files without transcoding. You can explore the funny filters in a video toolbox, as well. There are four steps to convert m4v to mp4 below

Step1. Add M4V documents that you want to save into MP4.

Step2. Choose MP4 as the document format that you want to convert M4V documents to.

Step3. After these two steps, click convert button to convert your M4V file.

Step 4. Select download to save your converted MP4 document.