Australia is known for many things, such as the Opera House and Great Barrier Reef, but the tourists go to Australia more and more because of their amazing casinos. The great thing about these casinos is that they pay the tax, which is great when compared to the situation in the U.S. where players pay the tax for their winnings.

Besides that, the casinos are usually located in the resorts, with great bars and restaurants where tourists can go when they want to take a break from the casinos. Here is the list of the best casinos in Australia.

1Crown Casino


This casino is a part of Crown Melbourne, also known as Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, and it’s located on the Yarra River. It is the first casino of the Crown brand famous internationally.

It is the biggest casino in Australia that is also one of the biggest casinos in the world. Besides the casino, there are also three towers with hotel rooms where the players can stay at. It is as close to the Las Vegas standard as possible.

The casino has more than 3500 poker machines, as well as 400 tables for playing the best 40 table games and more than 50 poker tables. With all the luxury and the availability of so many games, it is no wonder why this casino deserves the first place on our list.

2The Star Casino


Besides many attractions in Australia, Star Casino is one of the most famous casinos that tourists frequently visit. Every player is welcome to come and choose the game they prefer, so you can join high stake games or go low key, whatever you prefer.

It is located in Darling Harbour, where tourists can enjoy incredible restaurants, nightclubs and day spa. By its size, it is on the second place right after Crown Casino. With seven available bars and two nightclubs, concert hall, fitness center, pools inside and outside, many shops – the fun is guaranteed.

This casino has gaming space on two levels where there are almost 1500 gaming machines, including video poker, slots and more than 130 gaming tables with numerous dice and card games.

The poker room has 34 tables where weekly tournaments and “The World Series of Poker” takes place. If you would like to polish your skills before you go to The Star Casino, check out baocasino, an online casino with numerous games where you can practice.

3Crown Perth


After gaining so much popularity in Melbourne, the Crown has established this casino to offer players one more place to test their skills at.

This casino is also very impressive and it has more than 2000 poker machines, more than 220 game tables, as well as 4 electronic tables, so every player that comes here will certainly find something to try and enjoy while they spend their time in the casino.

Besides the casino, there are also hotel rooms where you can have some rest and sleep, but also many restaurants where you can eat the best food there is.

4Adelaide Casino


This casino is known for constantly introducing new games that are interesting for players. The range of entertainment and gaming is one of the widest in South Australia, which is why it is attracting so many players every year to come and try out something new.

It offers excitement in every part of day and night, so you can get to know the best and the newest gaming technology and give yourself the chance to participate in reward programs and perhaps win one of the many prizes they have.

One thing is for sure, you will not forget the visit for a long time. Its poker rooms are one of the best there are in Australia. This casino has introduced Texas Hold’em more than two decades ago, which is why Adelaide is still perceived by many as the home of poker in Australia.

There are also world-class bars where you can go and have some drinks with your friends and take a break from playing. Restaurants offer tasty dishes, so you will not be hungry – that’s for sure. Take some time to explore everything that this complex has to offer.

5Sky City Darwin


This is the casino you have to visit when you go to Australia. Join many game lovers who have made this place one of the hottest places in town.

There are more than 600 gaming machines that you can choose from and the best thing is it is open nonstop. Enjoy the games whenever you please and put your skills to the test.

With wonderful hotel rooms, many restaurants, bars, spa center, and numerous events, there is no way that you will be bored. The food is great, the service is very professional, so no matter which service you want, your needs will be met in a very short period.

There is entertainment all year round, so you can be sure that whenever you go you will have the best time of your life. Whether you want to have a meal, go to a bar or simply play your favorite games, you will find it all here.

If you want to join a VIP club, there are VIP areas for electronic and table gaming. Private gaming rooms have excellent service, incredible promotions, and inspiring views, so the best possible gaming experience is ensured.

These are the best casinos where you can go, have some fun and win some money, just make sure you set the budget you intend to spend. Try out various games and make sure you explore all the fun opportunities Australia has to offer.

With so many things to see, try and taste, you can be sure that you will have fun throughout your stay. It will not take long before you realize why is Australia recognizable as one of the best countries to go if you want to gamble. It is surely a good competitor to Las Vegas.