Sometimes it seems that in order to achieve the success you have to be born into a rich family or have some acquaintance with important people.

However, this is not the case. In the example of Anton Sibil from Kemerovo, we can be convinced of this.

The rise of Anton Sibil


Anton was born on August 27, 1982, in Kemerovo and was the third child of an ordinary Russian family. His mother and father worked as simple construction workers in the city of Kemerovo. His childhood was no different from that of many boys and girls. But even then it was clear that the most important thing in life he considered development and striving for the best.

Immediately after graduating from high school number 92 and entering the Kuzbass State Technical University, majoring in Civil Engineering and Construction (Industrial and Civil Engineering) in 1999, he also took a full-time job at the driving school “Magistral-Auto”.

At the same time, Anton Valerievich was one of the active students. Despite combining studies with work, he always took on the functions and tasks of the head of the group, the financial regulator, and the trade union leader.

Anton Sibil’s construction career


Anton Sibil started working in his specialty in 2002. From university, he was sent for a construction internship in Concern KuzbassShakhtoStroy. And after the internship he stayed there, combining work with his studies.

There Anton mastered with his own hands all kinds of building processes: puttying, painting, waterproofing of rooms, covering tens of thousands of square meters of roofing, installation of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, laying of ceramic granite, and arrangement of ventilated facades.

Already in 2003, Anton Sibil began organizing their own construction teams. He managed no more than twenty people to whom he showed by his own example how to work properly and efficiently. It was an independent link in the construction company “Remstroytorg”.

In 2006, Anton Valerievich Sibil created a separate company with the same name – “Remstroytorg. Active development and a lot of investment allowed the company to expand its staff to one hundred people.

The company “Remstroytorg” simultaneously worked on several dozen objects in Kemerovo and the region. In addition to commercial facilities, there were many schools, kindergartens, and apartment buildings. All this involved Anton Sibil’s participation in many public events and communication with the regional administration at different levels. Obviously, this was the reason why Anton was chosen as deputy governor for construction. He is an active, conscientious, responsible, and knowledgeable person.


By 2009, Anton Valerievich Sibil’s industriousness and competent management skills allowed him to expand the company, which already employed more than a thousand people. All profits were invested in the further development of the business: training and new technologies.

The company “Remstroytorg” worked on dozens of objects in Kemerovo and the region. Among the projects that Anton Sibil’s company worked on were schools, kindergartens, hospitals, commercial facilities, high-rises, and private houses.

By 2010 Anton Sibil often had the opportunity to meet and communicate with the heads of the region at various events. Seeing the success of the company and noting the leadership qualities, the Governor of the region offered Anton Valerievich the position of Deputy Director of Construction.

At the age of 27, Anton Valerievich Sibil became the youngest regional minister in the Russian Federation.

Thanks to his purposefulness, leadership qualities, and ability to work hard, Anton Valerievich Sibil achieved incredible heights and worked for the benefit of his city and the region.