Over the years, experts have discovered numerous artifacts that date back to the distant past but, unfortunately, they are still not able to determine exactly when and where they originate from, nor what precisely they were used for.

Taking into account that those artifacts are thousands of years old, what’s even more puzzling is their shape and materials they are made of as well as the fact that they resemble some common objects we use today. Check out some of the weirdest and most mysterious ancient artifacts.

7The First Computer

The First Computer

The very first computing machine seems to have existed much earlier than we thought – actually 2 millennia before modern computers were invented. Such a machine, originating from Ancient Greece, resembles a clock and is referred to as the Antikythera Mechanism. As scientists revealed, the purpose of this artifact, which is believed to be associated with Archimedes, the famous engineer and astrologist, was to foresee solar eclipses and to arrange the calendar for a period of four years.

6Roman Dodecahedra

Roman Dodecahedra

Made of bronze and are no bigger than a human fist, these strange artifacts were discovered on the territory of Germany, Italy, and France. The artifacts are a real enigma for experts, as their purpose remains a mystery.

Some scientists assume that they were used for examinations, whereas others suggest they were ordinary candlesticks. What they did find is that the artifacts have various engravings, some of which are related to Zodiac.

5The Engraved Stones

The Engraved Stones

Back in the 1930’s, a Peruvian farmer gave a rather puzzling present to a physician called Javier Cabrera – a weird stone covered in engravings.

The doctor was so amazed by this andesite stone that he decided to collect more of them – 1,100, in fact. The ancient stones are believed to be approximately 500-1,500 years old and are referred to as Ica Stones.

They are all engraved and the graphics include people, gods and idols, medical procedures, animals, even dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

4The Ancient Hammer

The Ancient Hammer

In London, Texas, experts found the very first contemporary iron hammer in a stone which is assumed to be a hundred million years old. However, the exact origin of the hammer, as well as how old it actually is, has not been revealed yet; what’s more, its design and material it is made of clearly confront all the historical facts and theories about Earth and humankind.

3The First Battery


Believe it or not, batteries were used even 2 millennia ago. The first one that was ever used is referred to as the Baghdad Battery and it was discovered in what once was a village in the Parthian Empire.

The battery consisted of basin made of clay which had a cylinder inside, glued to the basin with asphalt. The cylinder was made of copper and contained an iron pole.

In order for the battery to work, it was necessary to fill it with some sort of alkaline liquid or acid. It is assumed that the device was used for plating items with gold.

2The Phaistos Disc


One of the artifacts that experts found most puzzling is certainly the Phaistos Disc which was found in Crete. What they have managed to determine is that the disc is built of clay; however, the exact time and place of its production, as well as its purpose is still an enigma.

The disc contains 45 symbols which may be interpreted as animals, plants, humans, and utilities. However, experts are not able to explain and decipher the purpose of those symbols.

1The Ancient Spark Plug


The discovery of a spark plug in a stone estimated to be half a million years old certainly raised numerous questions and assumptions.

Given that experts failed to provide a plausible explanation of the Coso Artifact, its purpose and origin, and due to the fact it mysteriously vanished, numerous paranormal theories about it emerged.

The theories propose that the artifact belonged to a progressive civilization, time travelers, or even to aliens which came to Earth during the dinosaur era.