The great Christopher Columbus once claimed that a person who owned something made of gold actually possessed a substance which could help take souls to paradise.

Since ancient times, gold was frequently given as a reward for great achievements and was known as a symbol of the divine, and a symbol of wealth and power.

Various gold artifacts from the past are still a mystery to many researchers and here are some of the most interesting objects made of gold that were ever created.

6Ancient Gold Plates

Ancient Gold Plates

Over 20 of these gold plates were discovered in Java in 2016. Researchers determined that the plates are from the 8th century and the curious thing about them is that they are covered in religious symbols. The gold also has etchings on it and some writing that reveals the 18-karat plates were made for the wind gods.

5Griffin Warrior’s Gold Rings

Griffin Warrior's Gold Rings

In Greece, a grave of a Bronze Age warrior was uncovered in 2015, and a lot of artifacts were found inside, including four rings made of gold.

The rings contain engravings of Minoan mythology, but they are so small and detailed that they can only be properly seen with a microscope. Researchers speculated that the rings were used to seal important documents in Crete.

4Gold Spirals

Gold Spirals

In Denmark, archaeologists discovered two thousand small spirals made of pure gold. The spirals are less than an inch long and could have been made back in 700 BC. Researchers speculate the spirals were worn by Sun worshipers during the Bronze Age. During ceremonies, the spirals could have been used on clothes or in hair.

3Mysterious Dhammazedi Bell



The Dhammazedi Bell may be one of the most famous bells in the world. Made in Myanmar in 1484, it was said to be the biggest bell ever made, but, it was lost in 1608 when it fell into a river and was never found again.

It weighed approximately 3 tonnes and was made of gold, silver, and bronze. For 400 years, people have been trying to find the bell, and numerous attempts from all over the world have been unsuccessful even with the most sophisticated technology. Presumably, the bell is buried deep in the mud of the Bago River.

2Mapungubwe Rhino

Mapungubwe Rhino

Found in a grave in the 1930s and believed to be created in the era of the Kingdom of Mapungubwe in Southern Africa, this 800-year-old golden rhino is a strong symbol of power and wealth.

Mapungubwe was a sophisticated and rich kingdom: the golden rhino represented its power, and a member of the elite was usually buried with it or similar golden objects. The rhino is actually made of wood but is covered in thin golden sheets and the artifact can fit in the palm of someone’s hand.

1Ancient Curse Tablets

Ancient Curse Tablets

In ancient Rome, curse tablets were sometimes used by people who wanted to get revenge on someone. Even though most of them were made of lead, these mysterious curse tablets made of gold were discovered in Europe in 2016.

The tablets are filled with cryptic symbols and a mysterious language. Greek writing was found on some tablets, and experts believe that the tablets are written for demons. There could be a secret language on them that is used to communicate with demons.