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We all love playing it safe sometimes with some relaxing games. But, when the weekend comes and we want to see our friends, we want to relax with a glass of wine and some hilarious adult party games. Adult party games are great for open-minded people with good friends that won’t make fun of this type of game. If you don’t mind breaking some ice and confessing some dirty secrets to your friends, you’re in for a treat!

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best adult games on the market. Let’s see what you can play this weekend, shall we?

6Smart Ass The Ultimate Trivia Board Game

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Smart Ass The Ultimate Trivia Board Game is in our opinion, the best adult game you can get. The reason for this is that it will test your might with its 411 question cards and determine whether you’re as smart as you think or not. As its name implies, the goal of this game is to draw the card and shout out or yell your answer – yeah, it’s okay to do that! It’s not your typical card game where you have to follow the strict rules and behave well. Here, you can yell your answers, given that they’re right. The first one to answer the question moves closer to being a smart ass, which is a jackass on the board.

The game is meant for everyone older than 12 years and can be played from 2 to 6 players. If you expected some vulgar wordplay or questions within this game, you’ll be disappointed. We have other games of that type on the list, so stay with us.

5PlayMonster The Game of Nasty Things

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Speaking of some vulgar questions, here’s the game that might spark your interest. PlayMonster The Game of Nasty Things is exactly what it sounds like – a game that can make you laugh or make you feel gross… or both! Either way, this game also consists of cards on which you can find questions that need to be answered out loud. The questions can be outrageous, gross, se*y, offensive, and dirty, so don’t play this if you’re triggered easily. For example, one of the questions asks you about things you don’t want to find on your poop. When you draw this question, tell your response loud and have fun with your friends.

Of course, if you have under 18 (or 16 years in some countries) years, we don’t suggest playing this game because of the things we mentioned above.

4Bad People: The Adult Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play

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We know that many people can’t handle the cold hard truth and they always want to hear only the good stuff. Well, this game isn’t called Bad People without a reason. If you’re taking every game too seriously, it’s better to skip it because, after this, your friends will know what you think of them! The game is made for up to ten players and as with the previous games, we also have the cards here. On the cards, various scenarios are depicted, and you need to answer with the name of your friend who is most likely to fit that scenario. For example, one of the questions is ‘Who is most likely to join a cult?’. Be careful what you answer because not everyone will be nice to you after this game.

Are you up for some risky life? If so, go ahead and get this game.

3Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions

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They say that experience is a series of failures and bad decisions. The truth be told, we all made some bad decisions in our lives, and some of them can have big consequences. Well, this game is here to scratch that itch in your memory and start poking your poor life decisions again. It’s a well-known game and a challenge that we can often see on YouTube, where YouTubers often perform it with their friends or families. As for this game, you play it by reading the red card loudly and then collecting the blue cards if the statement on the card is true to you. The first one that collects 10 blue cards wins at the expense of dignity.

Who says that honesty doesn’t payout? Being a winner of this game isn’t a small thing, so if you win, congrats to you, you have the balls of steel!

2These Cards Will Get You Drunk

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Who says you can’t get drunk because of cards? Pfft, that’s bullcrap. In this game, the cards can lead you to some hilarious drunk moments because it’s all about drinking. Players take turns drawing a card and following the instructions written there. For example, everyone who wears a shirt drink, and then the persons with the shirt take a shot of a drink you have. Playing this game for too long can get you drunk pretty badly and on the other side, we don’t recommend this for people under the age of 18 because alcohol is prohibited for juveniles.

1If You Had To An Adult Party Game

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Finally, we have one of the most gruesome games on the list. Normally, you’d always choose the lesser of two evils but in this game, the questions are so gruesome and grotesque, that every answer is sort of… evil. The goal of the game is to make the judge grossed out with the selection of questions you have. One that makes the rotating judge grossed out the most, wins.

Having some fun with adult games at a party will give you an unforgettable experience with your friends. Thankfully, the games we’ve mentioned on the list are affordable and worth every penny. If you’ve read the whole article thoroughly, we guess you’re already thinking of getting one. Whatever is your choice, remember the bring in a lot of friends and kick off your party!