Contrary to popular belief, this is not a game only old men play. In fact, even kids can greatly benefit from this game. Although it might not be as popular as other sports, it is a great physical activity for children that encourages them to spend plenty of time in fresh air, get some exercise, and learn life lessons about the hard work, dedication, motivation, and sportsmanship.

If you are not a great golfer yourself, you can sign your kids up for golf lessons. Actually, on resourceful websites such as HombreGolfClub you can find great tips and read how these lessons can really pay off. In case you are still wondering whether this is a good option for your little one, here are several compelling reasons you should teach your kids to this sport.

5Spending time outdoors


In this day and age when kids spend all of their free time staring at the computer or their smartphone, getting them out of the house is a huge success. However, teaching your kid to golf can change their life for the better. In fact, as an outdoor activity, golf has many benefits that indoor sports do not. For example, experts agree that spending only three hours a day outdoors can greatly reduce a child’s risk of nearsightedness.

4Getting exercise

The easiest way for your kid to get some exercise is to participate in sports. However, most of the popular sports nowadays are contact sports, and as a parent you might be hesitant to let your child play football or soccer where they can get hurt. If you are looking for a competitive sport that carries a low risk for serious injury, golf is the best choice. Walking an entire 18 holes and swinging a club is a great full-body workout. In fact, adult men burn almost 1500 calories during one round of golf while they burn only 400 calories when playing basketball for one hour. Of course, kids obviously won’t burn that many calories, but the comparison holds true. Although a round of golf lasts longer, at the end of the day it burns way more calories.

3Family time


Since this is a game for people of all ages, it is a great opportunity for the whole family to get together. After all, golf is a great outdoor activity that gives parents the chance to have quality conversations and fun time with their children. You and your loved ones will be able to enjoy golf’s health and wellness benefits while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

2Teaching responsibility

Becoming more responsible can help children to be more successful in school and later on in life. However, teaching kids responsibility is not an easy task, and parents usually use every trick in the book to ensure their little one learns this important lesson. Of course, we want our children to become thoughtful members of society who contribute more than they take. Believe it or not, golf is a great way to expose your little one to situations where their actions have a direct impact on people around them. For example, all golfers, regardless of their age or skills have to leave the course exactly as they found it. When playing gold your kid will learn from the very first round that it is important to take responsibility for their actions.

1Handling competition

It may not be a full-contact sport such as football, but golf is still a very competitive sport. Handling competition in a healthy way is one of the important life lessons kids need to learn.

They need to realize that in the real world there are no participation trophies and that it is good to win, but also okay to lose. Golf can teach your child how to be gracious in defeat and how to deal with the pressure that comes along with competition.

Even when you put all these benefits aside, golf is simply fun. Even if your kid is not playing well they will have a great time, and if they do they will feel proud and accomplished, and so will you.