Conspiracy theories have surrounded famous musicians for a long time, but things got really bizarre when the Internet caught on, and many people started to invent and share their own theories.

These days, the biggest stars tend to live under a microscope, and people observe their every action, hoping to find some juicy detail and turn it into an epic conspiracy theory.

Here are some very unexpected but extremely entertaining conspiracy theories about the biggest celebrities in the music industry.

5Jay-Z is Nicki Minaj

Jay-Z is Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj once claimed to be a huge fan of Jay-Z and even said she was obsessed with him. Her third album, ‘The Pinkprint,’ was a reference to Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint.’ But here’s where it gets really weird: some YouTubers found out that if you adjust the speed on Nicki’s songs and slow them way down, her voice sounds exactly like Jay-Z.

The theory here is that, after conquering rap, fashion, champagne and other industries, Jay-Z wanted to create a female alter ego that would dominate the female rap market.

4Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy

Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy

Beyoncé is no stranger to weird conspiracy theories, and there are a lot of people who believe she is the Illuminati Queen, the mother of her sister Solange, and of course, that she was replaced by a clone.

But perhaps the best one of them all is a theory which states that, when she got pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy, she was never really pregnant. Apparently, she was afraid of gaining weight, and a surrogate mother was hired to carry the child.

When Beyoncé announced the pregnancy in 2011, many people believed she was faking it. In an interview, the cameras captured her belly folding and dropping as she sat down, and people believed it was a fake belly. Beyoncé also released a video showing her baby bump, but people were still not convinced.

3The Weeknd Made a Deal

The Weeknd Made a Deal

In 2013, The Weeknd dominated the Billboard charts with three hit singles but many people were not convinced about his sudden fame, and a massive conspiracy theory was born.

Fans claimed that The Weeknd took a trip to the crossroads and made a deal with the Devil, trading his soul for his fame. His second album, ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ has got some really strange videos which allegedly prove his connection to Satan.

In ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ the fire in the club symbolizes the devil showing him how famous he could be in exchange for his soul. The videos for ‘The Hills’ and ‘Tell Your Friends’ also feature some creepy references to the Devil and fans believe that the ‘Starboy’ video was The Weeknd’s way of confessing that he became a soldier of the Devil.

2Pharrell And The Secret To Immortality


Pharrell Williams is 44 years old now but he never seems to age and still looks like he’s twenty. So naturally, people picked up on that and went crazy on Twitter after someone claimed that Pharrell is actually an immortal vampire.

Apparently, the secret to his youth is that he feeds on blood and the famous hats he wears are actually there to protect him from the sun.

The theory got so big that Pharrell even responded to it in an interview, saying that he was not a vampire and that he looks so young and fresh because he washes his face often. But doesn’t that sound like something only a vampire might say?

1Save Sia


Back in 2016, Sia was collaborating with Beyoncé, and she claimed that the experience was like being in a writing camp. Some fans took this very seriously and thought that Sia got kidnapped by Beyoncé, who imprisoned her and forced her to work and write songs.

#SaveSia broke the internet and one fan even tagged the FBI in a tweet to ask them to save her. The theory also claims that Sia’s wigs are big on purpose so that she can hide the evidence of abuse left by Beyoncé.