You don’t have eyes all over your body…just a pair of eyes on your face (and it should be enough, right?)

The only problem is that you are sometimes saddled with the responsibility of taking care of several parts of the house, at the same time! If you’d be honest, it’s been quite tiring.

This is the perfect time for you to transform your home into a smart home hub! Come with me, as we delve into technological devices that can transform your home into a hub for rest, and then some fun!

1Explore the Realm of Connected Tools

Okay, so this is the first technological advancement on this list, and having it in your home, will blow your mind. With the One-key system produced by the Milwaukee line, these tools can be programmed to carry out any task. For example, you might want to install a metal vent with the aid of self-drilling screws.

All you need do is install the Milwaukee app, and locate the right setting for the gauge, as well as the metal type and screw size to be used. Using your phone’s Bluetooth, you can then program the drill or impact driver, and as you squeeze the trigger, the tool starts to work at a low rpm, until it gets to the required speed, and it stops once it’s done.

Basically, you program your tools to act and stop acting using your phone’s Bluetooth. Sounds like a lot of fun. As well, the One-Key system makes use of an inventory management system, and tool reporting feature to help pros keep track of their tools and monitor the productivity of each worker.   

2Robotic Pool Cleaner


Automated pool cleaners shouldn’t only be used by the rich- if that’s what you’ve always thought. Think of how much stress and money it would save you if you had your own pool cleaner.

As a matter of fact, the use of robotic pool cleaners compared to manual pool cleaners have pools looking fresh and completely free of germs; safe for use by everyone- adults and children likewise.  

Robotic pool cleaners are very thorough, they would clean everywhere in the pool: vacuum the floor, clean the walls, coves, steps and all those areas you probably haven’t ever thought of!

These cleaners have done well, and are phasing other forms of cleaners out of the market, such as suction side and power side pool cleaners. And the most beautiful thing about them is that there are lots of affordable options on the market now, as opposed to years back when the only people who could afford them were very rich pool owners!

How are they safe in the water? You’d ask (because we all know that water and electricity aren’t good friends!). As they possess electric motors, they can be plugged into regular household power outlets, and possess a power supply unit very close to the electrical outlet.  The power supply is able to convert the 120V power that comes from the mains into a pretty low voltage current e.g. 24V, eliminating chances of electrocution. According to FindMats, robotic pool cleaners are very thorough

Robotic pool cleaners plug into a regular household power outlet and have a power supply unit close to the electrical outlet. The power supply converts the 120V power coming from the mains into a low voltage current (usually 24V). This makes them safe for use in water and won’t cause electrocution. They also have remote controls and can be easily programmed from phone apps.

3Back Ache Stopping You from Doing a Good Job at Vacuuming?


Good news! With smart vacuum/dustpan devices,  you can set them to automatic mode, and have them clean the house in record time!

4 The Garbage Bin that ‘Works’

If you are particularly touchy about dirt, this could be your perfect companion. This device unbelievably lifts the lid of your trash can once it senses motion- such as a hand or foot wave.  

5Robot Lawn Mowers


Cutting grass/ mowing the lawn is one chore that tests your patience and makes you cranky. Say no more. With robot lawn mowers, your better days are here!

Wrapping Up

Having a smart home frees up your time so you can make your day more productive- even if by productivity you mean another round of sleep!