A considerable number of Instagram followers look very impressive. That’s why most people tend to buy them on reliable and safe websites like Losfamos.

Though most websites sell real Instagram followers, there are a few that offer fake ones. Always remember that this social network regularly monitors fake ones and will delete such accounts, as a result, you will end up losing a huge amount of money. In today’s post, we will show you the 4 reasons why buying fake Instagram followers is never a good idea.

4Purchasing followers that are fake will get you banned


Buying fake Instagram followers is like a strong athlete who is taking illegal medicines. You might get held hindsight, however, when your shady acts catch up there will be a considerable blowback. For your information, Instagram had closed millions of fake profiles in the past couple of years, In fact, even Twitter has suspended about 70 million fake accounts.

3The quality of your content will reflect on your followers

The majority of people who are using social media will check people who are following you to find out who you attract as well as to ensure that your account is legit. If you’re not following a lot of accounts, it could be the preliminary point for your current followers to look for other people and businesses that can offer them complementary or the same content to what you offer.

People who are interested in your business and go over your followers will become more apprehensive if you have lots of followings that are visibly bots for the main purpose of sharing the content of other people. While you might bet on the point that not all people care about the people who are following you, keep in mind that words will get around online and you’ll be watched.

2You are violating the terms and services of Instagram


Aforementioned, Instagram deletes accounts that are fake because it is against their terms and services. If the social media platform discovers that most of your followers are fake, whether you like it or not, Instagram will suspend your account.

If you are suspended because you are caught doing something that is against their TOS, your account’s credibility will be affected badly. Fortunately, Instagram will warn you if they caught you for the first time. But if you do it once again, then you should prepare yourself and face the consequences.

1It is just a waste of money


Yes, there are a number of sites that offer thousands of Instagram followers at a very affordable price. But, the question is are you willing to invest $10 for a temporary or worse imaginary success? Of course not, right? So, if you’re going to buy make sure that you opt for real and active followers to avoid problems in the forthcoming.


There is no good reason to obtain Instagram followers that are fake. Sure, your number of followings will increase in just a short span of time, but fake ones are nothing more than purchasing a reward to brag.