Corpse Vomit

Corpse Vomit was founded by three friends in the early 1990s. This death metal band hails from Denmark. The released their first full length albums in 1998 on the Might Music record label. The album consisted of 10 songs- one being a cover song.

corpse vomit


Appendix Out

Appendix Out was formed in the mid 1990s. In 1996 they recorded a demo, which was released by Palace records. This folk sounding band was originally from England.

appendix out


Choking Victim

This band is a punk band based out of New York City and was together for only a short seven years, from 1992 – 1999. They would mix hardcore punk, ska punk, and death metal with anarchist lyrics to create their sound. The have since reformed in 2000 and have been going strong ever since.

choking victim


Kill Your Idols

This hardcore punk band came to us from Long Island, New York. They had a twelve year run from 1995 – 2007. Over the years they released a few EPs and five full length albums.

kill your idols


Godspeed You Black Emperor

Formed in 1994, this Canadian post rock band has released five albums. Although there are no permanent members to this band they continue to go strong. Some of their songs are strictly instrumental, but widely popular.

godspeed you black emperor


Mott the Hoople

This rock band was formed in 1969 in the United Kingdom. They released eight albums in total with their biggest hit being “All the Young Dudes.” They disbanded in the eighties, but have since reformed and are back out on tour.

mott the hoople


Spooky Tooth

They’re and English rock band that formed in 1967. They broke up and got back together a few times between 1976 and 1974, but are currently together and still touring on occasion. They have released twelve albums over the years.

spooky tooth


Heavy Heavy Low Low

This San Jose, California band was formed in 2004. They started off as a scream band before they incorporated more of a thrash metal influence to their sound. They have put their own spin on the music and have released a total of seven albums so far with a new one set to be released next year.

heavy heavy low low


Minus the Bear

This indie rock band was formed in 2000. They are from Seattle, Washington, home of some of the best grunge rock of the 1990s. They are currently touring and recording their next album. They have released seven albums so far.

minus the bear


Horse the Band

This band was formed in 1999. They consider themselves a melodramatic pop band with Nintendo influences. They have released five full length albums and three EPs. They are currently on tour.

horse the band


Butthole Surfers

This alternative rock band was formed in 1981, in San Antonio, Texas. Their sound includes the influences of punk, psychedelic, heavy metal, noise rock, and electronic all warped together. They have released eight albums over the span of their career and have had a number on hit with “Pepper.”

butthole surfers


Queef Huffer

This band formed in October of 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida. They have released one album in 2007 and will be releasing another one this year. They are a grindcore death metal band.

queef huffer


The Bloody Beetroots

This dance music duo was formed in 2006 in Italy. They are an instrumental band. They released their first EP in 2007 and continue to tour and make music.

the bloody beetroots


Dogs Die in Hot Cars

This band was formed in 2003 in Scotland. They are a rock/Britpop band that is currently working on their next album. They have released only one studio album, but have two EPS and have been a part of four compilations.

dogs die in hot cars


Anal Cunt

This band was formed in 1988, in Newton Massachusetts. They also go by AxCx or A.C. because of the censorship laws. This band is considered to be grindcore and have released a total of eight albums so far and is currently on tour.

anal cunt


Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©