Sometimes random objects can look like other things. However, 99% if the time, these random innocent objects are made accidentally to look like other innocent objects. The other 1% of the time? They look Hitler. Here are the worst 12 examples of that we could find.


We don’t know exactly what is just out frame, but we know for certain that whatever it is, it’s certainly got this dog fuhrer-ious. Oh goddamnit, we’ll try and keep these kinds of jokes to a minimum.


Some parents might just say this was all coincidental and that baby just happened to have arranged his food in the shape of a toothbrush moustache and accidentally gave himself a comb-over and accidentally performed something that looks suspiciously like a Hitler salute. Nice try, racist. Nobody’s falling for your shit, little baby bigot.


Whoever the Head Writer of The Powerpuff Girls was, they need to be brought to Nuremburg in chains. How the hell do you not recognise that giving your character this type of hair makes them look Adolf-ish? The only possible explanation is that it wasn’t an accident and they got rid of the moustache only because it might make the fascist agenda of Cartoon Network too obvious.


Oh come now. That’s just ridiculous. What on Earth would possibly possess anyone to do that, when all it would take is a little of research to find out that Hitler never wore blue and was never, ever a crossing guard. Cross, maybe, though.


This advert taken from Taiwan leaves us confused for a number of reasons. First, why create an advert with Hitler in, and not have the balls to draw a proper swastika on his arm? Secondly, obviously concerned that Hitler might not appear to be a big enough bastard to the Taiwanese people, they also made him a paedophile. Not completely a surprise though to find out that’s actually quite believable.


Fucking hipsters, especially ones that look like Hitler. This photo was taken in France, which also suggests that this guy has absolutely no friends, or else someone would have pointed out that…well, he looks like Hitler. The guy who invaded and blew up their country and gave them the dubious honor of being regarded as completely incompetent all anything involving war.


“Lights out” was probably something they also shouted in the POW camps. Chances are though that, although Ol’ Adolf was a bit of a narcissist, the light switches probably didn’t look like this. Which is a shame really because the United States Air Force would have loved to blow up that factory and scatter little singed Adolfs everywhere. Like confetti, but dickhead-shaped instead.


What was the name of that damn film about Nazi submarines during World War 2 (obviously)? We’re thinking Das Bus for some reason, but don’t understand why. Also, the exact placing of the website address on the centre of the hat makes us think that the management of Megabus have some kind of thing against the drivers. After all, what do we call miserable, shouty bus drivers? Bus Nazis. We rest our case.


Oh man, there are so many things to talk about here so we’ll have to move quick. Firstly, Hitler as mice. Two mice, one male and one female, in fact. And they seem to be in a romantic relationship. Goddamnit this joke writing business is hard. No wonder Mencia steals all his material; it’s much easier on the brain.


Erm…we feel slightly uncomfortable pointing out the starling resemblance between Hitler and this smoke alarm. We mean, on the face of it, it’s all fairly innocent but when you consider that smoke alarms detect fires, it gets a bit…awkward. Fires like those made by ovens. OK, moving on. Man, fucking humanity sucks balls.


Call us sheltered, but the owner of this house is either the most clueless individual of all time or he hasn’t heard who Hitler is. There’s also the unspoken third option that the guy is a neo-Nazi but #1 we don’t really like the idea of a defamation suit if they read this and somehow recognise their satellite dish and #2 No-one deserves to be accused of liking Bill O’ Reilly.


Hitler bellybutton. OK, seriously, if we found out that any of our staff… or anyone we were related to… or someone we were sleeping with… or anyone we passed on the street… or anyone, really, had a body part that looked like motherfucking Adolf Hitler, we’d instantly tranq them and strap them down onto an operating table and remove that bitch free of charge. Although if you’re reading this and you’re suffering from an unfortunate case of ‘Hitler Ball’, ewwwwwwwwwwwww. No. We ain’t doing that. We’ve also got to end this on a joke now so here goes: “Man, it really looks like Hitler has got himself some new navel forces”.

We’re so sorry for that.

Written by Oliver May – Copyrighted ©

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