Humans, as a whole, are very competitive by nature. So, when we get board with the “normal” competitions, like sports, out there we can come up with some very weird ones to occupy our time.

1. International Women’s Day

In China, they celebrate International Women’s Day. Throughout the day men compete in races where they have to run in high heels. There are other competitions where they can compete with their loved ones. There are also bars that will offer them free drinks if they come in dressed as a woman.

international womens day


2. Midget Throwing Contest

This is normally held in bars. It consists of a dwarf, midget, or little person putting on a suit made of special padded clothing or a suit made of Velcro. Then, the patrons of the bar will toss one of them onto a mattress or a Velcro coated wall. The winner is the one who tosses the dwarf the furthest. This competition has been banned in a few parts of the world, but does continue on today.

midget throwing contest


3. SPAMarama

This competition was held for 31yrs in Texas. It was always held close to April Fool’s Day. The competition included cooking entries with SPAM flavored ice cream, Moo Goo Gai SPAM, guacaSPAMoles, chicken-fried SPAM, SPAMuini, and SPAMalama Ding Dong. Other events throughout the festival included a SPAM carving contest, a SPAM calling contest, the SPAM toss, a SPAM facial, and a tug of war across a pit filled with SPAM jelly.



4. Supermarket Clerk Championships

The Japanese want to keep improving on their customer service abilities, so the hold a competition to see who the best supermarket clerk is. Each person competing is judged on customer service, technical skill, and speed with bonus points for smiling. Some of these competitors will practice for the entire year to improve their abilities.

supermarket clerk championships


5. Redneck Games

This series of competitions are held Olympic style over one day. The games include the hubcap hurl, bobbin’ for pig’s feet fest, and redneck horseshoes, which are toilet seats. All the proceeds that are collected from these games are giving to local charities.

redneck games


6. Air Guitar Championships

Who knew that the one thing that everyone does during some of the best guitar riffs in your favorite songs is actually a competition? Each competitor is scored on a 6.0 score system and there are rules. There are two rounds, each lasting a minute. In round one the person gets to play a selection of their choice. In round two the selection is chosen by a competitor or one of the organizers, so knowing how to improvise is important. Each competitor is judged on technical merit, stage presence, and airness.

air guitar championships


7. Ugliest Dog Competition

This contest happens once a year. It is held in California and televised on the Animal Planet channel. In this competition the contestants enter their dogs to win a thousand dollar prize. The uglier your dog the better chance you have at winning.

ugliest dog competition


8. Worm Charming Championships

During this competition you have to be able to charm worms out of the ground. Each competitor gets a square plot and has thirty minutes to get as many worms to the surface as possible by using their charming method. Any type of vibrations to encourage the worms to come out of the ground can be used, but you are not allowed to dig them up.

worm charming championships


9. World Beard and Mustache Competition

This competition goes on every two years. The categories that the contestants compete in are full beard, partial beard, and mustache. The toughest category is the natural full beard and a fan and media favorite is the freestyle category.

world beard and mustache competition


10. World Black Pudding Throwing Competition

This competition is to celebrate a rivalry between Lancashire and Yorkshire. The object is to knock the Lancashire pudding off of the pub wall with the Black Pudding that is being held together by a pair of women’s stockings. You can only throw underhand, so it makes it more difficult to complete the task.

world black pudding throwing competition


Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©