People see strange things in the sky all the time. From UFOs to angels, people tend to see some fantastic things above us. But the things that come down from the sky aren’t always fantastic: they’re outright terrifying, especially when there’s no explanation for them.



In August 1994 clear blobs smaller than a grain of rice rained down on a farm in Oakville, Washington. They had a jelly-like consistency and were discovered to be cells lacking nuclei. No one has ever been able to prove what the blobs were, though not through a lack of trying.

9Blue Spheres



A man from Bournemouth claimed that tiny blue spheres fell from the sky during a 2016 hailstorm. They were jelly-like, though not sticky. They also lacked a smell. The man collected a dozen of them. Tests later found they were comprised of sodium polyacrylate, an absorbent.



Like a terrible horror movie with heavy-handed religious undertones, the town of La Sierra Choco was awash with a red rain. This was reported by residents as blood, which tests would later confirm.

This rain lasted half an hour. Residents were divided into two camps on the strange rain’s origin: some thought it a miracle while others believed it to be a bad omen.

7Bird Blood

Bird Blood

Another instance of terrifying blood rain. In 1890 what was eventually proven to be bird blood fell unto Messignadi, Calabria. The explanation given was that birds had been torn apart by fierce winds… except no other bird, bits were part of the rain. Oh, and there weren’t any winds that day, fierce or otherwise.

6Strange Meat

Strange Meat

The scene is Los Nietos, 1869. You’re doing whatever it is people did during Sepia tone times when suddenly flesh falls from the heavens—for three minutes.

With pieces measuring up to six inches, there wasn’t any doubt about the mystery meat being, well, meat, but no one has come up with an explanation.

5Angel’s hair


This is a sticky thread that’s commonly seen during and after UFO sightings. In some instances, they can be identified as spider webs (since some spiders travel through the air), but there are many instances where the substance can’t be identified. Reports of angel hair reach as far back as ancient times…



In 1961 carpenters hard at work in the Louisiana city of Shreveport were assaulted by a rain of green peaches. The strange fruit was the size of golf balls. Any reasonable weather-based explanations were ruled out by near-by weather authorities.



Someone in Ohio must have pissed off a wizard. That’s the only way to explain how stones smashed down on Harrisonville on October 1931. This was hardly the only instance of stone rain, but in this case, the only culprit—crazy trouble makers—was ruled out when everyone in town was rounded-up, and the stones kept coming.

2Even Stranger Meat


In what has lovingly been dubbed the “Kentucky meat shower,” square two-inch pieces of meat fell near Rankin, Kentucky. One doctor identified the meat as possibly being lung tissue from a human or a horse, but other pieces were identified as muscle. Locals latched onto the idea that it may have been vomited up by buzzards.



In mid-February ’16 strange cloud-like objects settled on the ground Doukkala, Morocco. The most likely explanation would seem to be seafoam, but conspiracy theories abound, including weather manipulation, UFO exhaust, and strange insidious weapons.