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The wait is almost over and the season of gift-giving is just about to knock on our doorsteps. Even though we find this part of the year as stressful as it has always been, it is undeniable that one of the fun parts of the season is to track down gifts. This way we can delight the ones who have special places in our hearts. Through all the troubles, I think we can all agree that is is always worth all the effort by the end.

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There is a problem though when it comes to giving a gift to your dad, your boyfriend or any other men. They can just seem impossible to shop for. And you do not want to just slap on a construction Christmas card on a note and call it a day. But the Christmas card is a good starting point, and to check some good ones, check sites such as ZitiCards. The rest of us may have, at some point, tried to ask the guy himself what he truly wants for the holiday season. And I think we have heard the phrase or a version of it of him simply saying that he already has everything that he needs.

Here, we list down the possible gifts that you can give your loved one without having to play the guessing game. Whatever is his passion, I am sure one of these will tickle his fancy and would give you the appreciation you deserve. And, more importantly, we chose gifts that would not be too much to spend on.

11Construction Christmas Cards and a 5 in 1 power adapter

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If your man travels a lot and has an interest in mobile gadgets as most modern men do, then he might appreciate power adapters intended to charge every type of gadget there is. The best part of this kind of device, the output is not the only one that is interchangeable. The input can be adjusted to fit all the different kinds of input from over 150 countries. So, he would not have to worry about charging his phone, laptop, or even electric razor and toothbrush whenever he is out of the country. Some electric razors, or also know as shavers work cordless. It’s kinda unpleasant to run out of the batter in the middle of shaving. So it would be priceless to have one of those charges with you while traveling. You can also check out the review of some of the best shavers here.

The item is reasonably priced and is quite handy to carry around and wrap in a gift box. Show your man that you care for him by giving him a gadget that would let you connect to him whenever and wherever he may be.

10Construction Christmas Cards and a Sherpa-Lined Shirt

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The season of giving, is also, unfortunately, the season of chilly mornings. When your man has to go out to work every morning, he might want to put on a few layers of clothes before going out but it could get so bulky. If he is a blue-collar worker, then those layers could get in the way of the job. So, how does he keep warm, but stylish and unencumbered as well? The answer is to gift his shirts that are lined up with material that can keep him warm like a sherpa.

These shirts look amazing and unexpectedly comfy. So, whether it is to survive an icy air is breathing from the back of his neck, to work without carrying a few kilos of garments, or to simply walk out the door confidently in fashion, the Sherpa lined just might be the gift you are looking for.

9Electric Head Shaver

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There is no doubt that a good electric shaver is one of the best gifts for men but there is a large number of men who would be interested in a tool that can help them easily shave their heads. Nowadays a bald look is popular among men and a lot of them pursue it.

Shaving the head the very first time can be a bit challenging, therefore it’s quite important to select the right tool that will easily shave the head without cutting or bruising the scalp.

You can find a good head shaver that is specifically designed to shave the scalp without any hassle which can also be a great Christmas or father’s day gift, according to Check out the reviews and see which one is the best for you.

Pitbull shaver is one of the most sought-after head shavers. The ergonomic design allows you to easily hold the shaver while you shave your scalp. It is much safer as compared to a manual razor.

8Construction Christmas Cards, Turntable and Speakers from Nordstrom

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If he is musically inclined and has a particular interest in old school hip hop, then this gift is perfect for him. Not only can it play music at amazing audio quality, it has a turntable on top where he can relive his DJing fantasies when he was younger. It combines the vintage turntable, with all the offerings of modern technology so you can jack it up into any kind of device you have. You can connect to it via USB, audio port, wifi, and Bluetooth.

The best thing about this gift is that breadwinners of the family would rarely if even at all, think about buying something like this for themselves. So, at the very least, he would appreciate the sentiment. It is a bit bulky and might cost more than other items on this list, but if you think he is worth it, then this might be something you want to take a hard look at.

7Construction Christmas Cards and a Dopp Kit

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What any good jet-setter will tell you is that having the proper, roomy-but-packable Dopp kit for all your toiletries, wallets, and all the mini items you have is the key. You can have a Dopp kit and go to the gym, work, or short travels without much of a fuss.

We have all been avid fans of the branded luggage rollers for a while now. Find a thoughtfully-made kit which can come in a variety of colors and fabrications. Find one that you know would best fit your guy.

6Construction Christmas Cards and a Portable Jump Starter

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You can never really tell when tragedy will strike, especially when you are on the road going into someplace far away. A dead battery in the middle of nowhere at an inconvenient time could mean a few hours of wasted time or worse. A portable jump starter, not only acts as a starter for your car but can be used as well to charge your phone and other devices. Once your man understands its value, he will never be able to leave on a camping trip without one of these in the trunk of his car. Nothing says you care than giving a device that can literally save his life.

5Construction Christmas Cards and a Sparkling Water Maker

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Some guys just cannot rid themselves of their soda addiction. And you might have fought with him over this for a countless number of times. Who can blame him however as the fizzy drink is somewhat a necessity when you are out on the scorching sun and cooking barbecue. So what do you do now? Offer him a nicer alternative: the fizzy water. While it is no substitute to the sugary beverages, it can at least make up for the loss of the throat popping delight of carbonized liquid. Besides, men usually thrive in making their own food, perhaps he can create a healthier alternative when he has the means to do so. Give your man a healthy alternative so he can help himself quit the habit.

4Construction Christmas Cards and an Iron Pan Pizza

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What better gift is there compared to a crispy crusted pizza slathered in cheese – something that will let you make your own. Everybody loves pizza, though we might disagree on the toppings way too often. An iron pan pizza will let him recreate his favorite pizza and charge it with his own personal touch. And when you have pizza leftovers, you can even use this to reheat it as if it were fresh from the oven.

3Construction Christmas Cards and Bluetooth Headphones

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Nothing says you are a hip and cool dad like oversized headphones can. Give him a gadget that would let him spend his time at home sitting quietly on the couch while enjoying music that you would not let him play at full blast in one of your speakers. Because it is bluetooth, he will not have to worry about where to lay down for a musical trip. He can sit by the porch, lay in a bed or even on a couch while doing his turn watching the kids.

2Construction Christmas Cards and a Box Collection of Blu Ray DVDs

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Has your man been extra good this year? Then you might want to give him the pampering he deserves by giving him a box collection of Blu Ray DVDs that you know he has been yearning for. It is true that this is not as fancy as most gifts that you can buy him. In fact, it ranks lower when comparing the prices of the gifts on this list. What it is, however, is an affirmation that he should take a break every once in a while. Let’s face it that if he really wants to buy these DVDs, then he might have done so already. But he knows he might not be able to dsjo the same 12-hour marathon that he has been used to doing when he was younger.

Buy him the DVDs, and offer to give him time off his house chores so he can thoroughly enjoy the movies like he used to.

1Construction Christmas Cards and a Day at the Spa

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As we all know, spas are more of a girl’s thing and it might seem surprising to see this in this list. If your man has never been in one, then he will be in for a surprise and you just know he is going to enjoy every minute of it. Besides, this gift is not entirely just for him. Who would not want to have his man come back home, fresher and in a lighter mood?