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Whether you enjoy the outdoors, are on the hunt for new ways to keep active, or are looking for a change of pace, kayaking may be perfect for you. Kayaking is a thrilling, fun, and engaging water sport that is perfect for the summer. It brings along all the benefits of any sport but adds the potential of learning a new skill and offers an often needed change of pace. You may have concerns about it or are debating whether the hassle of taking up a new sport is worth it, and we are here to tell you that it’s totally worth it indeed.

There are many reasons why kayaking is as popular as it is, here is 7 as to why you should consider giving it the old college try.

Excellent Way to Exercise

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Kayaking is a fully-fledged sport and a great way for you to exercise. You use your entire body when you kayak, and it can replace your trip to the gym if need be. It may be surprising to you to hear that it works out your full body, but if you follow this site you will see how kayaking stimulates your legs, hips, arms, chest, and back, and even gives you a cardiovascular training session. If you find the gym boring and aren’t into other popular sports, consider taking up kayaking to stay fit and healthy. At the very least, it will be a fun change in your workout routine.

Get Some Vitamin D

Unlike with other nutrients, your body doesn’t need you to ingest vitamin D; your body can make vitamin D itself when you spend enough time in the sun. Studies show that most Americans are either vitamin D deficient or insufficient. While it mainly helps with the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, vitamin D also helps fight disease, manage depression, and boost weight loss. It also supports your immune and central nervous system. If you suffer from diabetes or are pre-diabetic, Vitamin D can help regulate your insulin levels. This is not to overlook the many health risks you will be at if deficient, so go kayaking as a way to get enough vitamin D.

Cool Down During Summer

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Staying indoors, hitting the gym, and working in an office in the summer can leave you a little hot under the collar. To make your summer more tolerable, consider taking up kayaking as a way to cool down and have some much-needed fun outdoors. You will be out in the water, with your worries left behind, enjoying the open air, and staying chilled till the sun goes down. There is no better way of cooling down than being on the water. You get to be both outdoors and cool, a rare combination in the summertime.

Great Way to Socialize

You can kayak on your own, yes. But, you can kayak with friends too. Need a change of pace? Always hanging out at the same old places? Are you always doing the same old things? Then bring the gang along and hit the water on a kayak today. At the very least, you can meet new people who love to kayak too; you will become a part of a new community. The bonds you develop while learning something challenging can be very strong, as you learn to depend on your instructor or kayaking partner to navigate the waters and stay on course. Friendships can grow stronger when working together on a fun but challenging activity, making kayaking an ideal way to spend time with those you love.

It’s Fun!

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There’s no better reason to do something than because it’s fun. We all need to let off steam, recharge our batteries, and do something that puts a smile on our face. With the sun beaming down, the water all around, and your friends by your side, there is no way you won’t enjoy your day out kayaking; it is scientifically impossible. OK, that’s a stretch, but we figure it’s highly unlikely. Ever see someone kayak while frowning? Yeah, neither have we. Just being active and occupied is a great way to let go of everything on your mind, ignore the stresses of the world, and have a good time.

Satisfies Your Competitive Side

Do you like to compete? Well, why not turn it into a race then! Whether you want to challenge your buddies or your instructor, you can make kayaking that much more interesting by racing. Make sure you are experienced enough and that the weather permits it, and you can get your competitive juices flowing as much with kayaking as with anything else. You can also compete against yourself by trying to best your own time for kayaking a certain distance, or, if you become very good, you can compete in competitions. Just make sure you’re ready and that you take all the necessary safety precautions.

New Is Always Better

It really is. The mere fact that kayaking is new to you is enough reason to give it a try. No one ever regrets trying out new things, making new memories, and learning new skills. Kayaking for the first time trumps doing anything else for the 100th time. Everything that you do regularly will still be waiting for you when you come back from your day on the water. However, by introducing an often needed change to the monotony of life, kayaking can make your regular routine a lot more exciting.

The reasons to give kayaking a try are endless. As with any sport or outdoor activity, it offers many benefits for your body and mind and adds a considerable amount of fun to your typical day. Trying new things can be difficult for some; we may struggle to break routines or habits, but consider trying kayaking as a new part of your routine. If you enjoy water-based activities, you will likely enjoy kayaking too, so why not give it a go? The risks are minimal, the costs are affordable, and the potential for having a good time is incredibly high. Don’t wait any longer and go give kayaking a try today.