The summer is almost upon us once again and that gives us all the perfect chance to get outside and try out some new sports. Menos Hiras from and their team will try and pick up a new hobby during the summer months, with a competitive challenge to try and be the best by the end of the summer.

This is a great way to find new hobbies and passions, as well as being able to get out in the sunshine and get some exercise in, vitally important.

Instead of letting the summer pass you by and then bemoaning the weather in winter and regretting not making the most of those summer months, make sure that this summer you get out and about, trying new sports and activities. If you do decide to join the fun, here are some super cool sports which you can try out.



Golf is the ultimate summer sport and it is a really lovely experience to be wandering around the huge natural landscapes under the summer sun. Golf as a sport is fascinating and requires a great deal of skill and mental strength.

In terms of exercise, you won’t get too much when playing golf, beyond walking around the course, but this is no reason not to give the sport a try. I would recommend that if you are only giving this sport a try then don’t buy any equipment, but rent instead.

You can pay for a thing called a green fee at most clubs which gives you the chance to play for a day on their courses. Alternatively, you could go to a driving range or putting green and have a go at hitting the ball.



Tennis is what summer is all about, getting out onto grass or hardcourt with some friends and whacking the ball at each other. This is competitive and it requires a great deal of fitness and agility from you.

Tennis is a great sport simply because of how accessible it is and there are a great many public courts which you can use. Pick up a tennis racket at a low cost, balls are pretty cheap too and all you need is one other person to play with you.

What you will also find, even in private clubs, is that they offer a short membership such as a half year or quarter year package, which will give you the chance to give the sport a go and see how you feel. If you fall in love with it then you can sign up for a year-long membership.



If you like the notion of golf but you don’t really have much of an appetite to pick up a club then you could also indulge in footgolf which is being played across the country.

Footgolf is exactly as it sounds, a golf course that requires participants to kick a football around the course, and then put it into the large holes. This is a super fun activity which you can play in a group of friends, fun and perfect for summer.



Across the country, there are basketball courts just waiting for you to go and play on them, and the beauty is that you all you need to play is a ball. Balls won’t set you back very much money but once you have it you can play just about anywhere.

What is even better about this is that whilst it is fun playing against friends, you can hit the court on your own and practice. Shooting, layups, dribbling, you can do it all on your own and still have a great time. Basketball will also give you a great chance to exercise and being outdoors shooting some hoops is a great summertime activity.

5The Frisbee


A sport which Menos and I really got into last summer was frisbee and it is amazing how seriously you can end up taking this sport.

Frisbee can be played as a casual bit of entertainment between friends, or you can up the stakes and really turn it into a battle. Menos and I used to have zones where the frisbee would have to land, certain catches which we had to make such as behind the back of with our weakest hand.

Playing frisbee is surprisingly energetic and it will most definitely make you work up a sweat. All you need is a frisbee, a friend and a little bit of space and you are good to go.

Which sport will you be trying out this summer?