We’re all pretty used to constantly having electricity and we take it for granted. However, as electricity is omnipresent, it’s just a matter of time when and where something will go wrong. When there is an electrical emergency, it is vital that everyone knows what to do as the situation can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

Electrical emergencies aren’t something you should take lightly. They can be quite dangerous and not knowing how to behave can even be fatal. If you can, avoid dealing with electrical problems on your own, but rather contact a professional that will handle the situation wisely and effectively.

So, the main thing you should do is stay safe and make sure that everyone around you is safe.

1What to do when someone receives an electric shock


– Under no circumstances should you touch the person if they are still in contact with the source or electricity. This way, you’re putting your life in danger as well. Keep others away from the injured person as well.

– If you can, try to switch the power off. Look for the source and the main power switch.

– You should contact the ambulance as soon as you can.

– Do not attempt to rescue a person unless you are certain that they are no longer in contact with the live electricity source.

Electrical shocks can sometimes happen when handling household appliances such as a toaster or a hairdryer. Once there is no more danger, you can call professional electricians such as Hornsby Electric, to help fix the problem and prevent something similar from happening in the future.

2What to do in case of a fallen power lines


– In case someone got hurt when this happened, the rule from the previous example stays: don’t touch the injured person.

– Call emergency services and your local electricity company

– If the person isn’t in contact with the electricity source, you can approach them and keep them warm, lying down, and still until they receive help from the ambulance. The person might be unconscious and they might have some trouble breathing. They could also have burns on their bodies and a weak pulse. Tell the ambulance everything you notice.

3What to do in case of an electrical fire


These are often caused by improperly stored flammables. If an electrical fire happens, here’s what you should do:

– Never use water on electrical fires as that could worsen the fire.

– Call the fire brigade and, if someone was injured, call an ambulance as well.

– If you’re unsure, don’t try to fix the problem yourself as you can risk getting seriously hurt. Just make sure you and those around you are all safe.

– You should always keep an electrical fire extinguisher in your home. These should be checked or replaced every several years depending on the manufacturer. Also, you should know how to use the extinguisher so you and other members of your family should be trained. However, if you don’t have it, leave the site as fast as possible.