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Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are powered by ledger technologies. The central authority does not control these cryptocurrencies. The first cryptocurrency was introduced in the market almost a decade back. However, only recently has Wall Street and Main Street shown interest in the cryptocurrencies owing to the rapid growth of bitcoin and other coins.

Say, for instance, Bitcoin has seen a surge of 700% in its market surpassing Ethereum blockchain in its path. And at the same time, alternative bitcoins, which are also known as altcoins, have also seen a surge in recent years—owing to the reports from that the number of altcoins in the market has increased over one thousand with a total market cap of $1700. A majority of the companies look upon the process of creating new coins to fund their businesses.

The current cryptocurrency market is quite extensive, with several currencies out there trying to make it big there. The crypto market has seen its share of weird coins from coins created by crazy fans on some memes to coins being produced to play kitty games. You can find more information about the weirdest cryptocurrencies on the market at

In this article, we have formulated a list of 5 weirdest cryptocurrencies on the market that will surely catch your attention.

Five of the weirdest Cryptocurrencies on the market:


We all must have heard that saying, “Who let the dogs out?”. Well, what started as a jest soon turned into a crypto coin. The famous dog meme, which was released in 2013, laid the foundation of this cryptocurrency. Dogecoin has been used to serve numerous purposes over the years. From paying for mundane things to some classy real estate, Dogecoin can be used to pay for all of them.

The coin etched its name in history in 2018, January, when it reached $2 million. However, the currency was short-lived. It gained notoriety when a hacker found a gateway into the coin’s wallet and successfully changed all the coins’ IP address. Soon, a fundraising event by the name of #SaveDogemas was launched, and the currency successfully came back in a month.


The name “Kodak” rings a bell. Yes, the same photography company which you are thinking about. Kodak decided to start a cryptocurrency of its own and came up with KodakCoin. It was integrated with the company’s KodakOne platform to use this coin to make payments while purchasing things that are manufactured by the brand. Initially, the coin was supposed to be launched in January 2018; however, its launch was delayed and was finally launched in July 2019.

It was created to attract photographers to the KodakOne platform and to help them monetize their art. Also, the platform has inbuilt crawlers that check the internet for any of their stolen works and then send them to notice to pay licensing fees.


DentaCoin was released to pay the dentists for their ongoing dental treatments. It is an Ethereum based platform and is marketed as an alternative to the blockchain-based payment methods. It is solely meant to make payment to the dentists. This coin works more as a health financing platform.

Patients can easily buy DentaCoin and make their monthly payments from the DentaCoin wallet. The dentist will be paid his fees accordingly by the DentaCoin wallet. The main aim behind the formulation of this cryptocurrency is to create dental awareness among people and facilitate a method of getting their dental checkups done even without even possessing even dental insurance. Besides being used for payments, DentaCoin can also be used to share medical reports in between the patients and the doctors.


This is one tasty currency! WhopperCoin was created by the Burger King in Russia and is meant for bartering. This coin takes us back to the origin of currency, the barter system. This coin was developed as a part of the loyalty program towards Whopper. Customers were entitled to one Whopper upon spending a few rubbles. To present the correct data, you need to collect 1,700 Whoppercoins to get a burger for free. Also, one U.S. Dollar translates to 65 Russian rubbles.

Whoppercoin has partnered with a crypto start-up called “Waves” and has launched this scheme. Also, it has availed help from a tech company to track its coin’s addresses and to keep a record of the purchases made with their coins. It has adopted strict “use and abuse” policy, wherewith the help of this tech company, and if Whoppercoin’s team finds its coins misused, it can easily sue the owner.


Well, just like Dogecoin, CryptoKitties owe their origin to the cat kingdom. These feline coins are quite famous, and CryptoKitties is a blockchain game in which you can breed, sell, and buy virtual kitties with your coins. The value of your coins increases with an increase in the uniqueness of the genome of the kitties, which is calculated after checking their virtual DNA.

Back in the day, a CryptoKitties sale fetched some $1,70,000 in cash. That was the highest-grossing amount that this coin has made to date. In case you want a better option than this where you get a direct coin without having to go over the hassle of creating a kitty, you can surely go for Catcoin.

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There is yet another addition to the list: Facebook’s cryptocurrency, “Libra,” which is, however, to be released. It was projected to be released in 2024, but the release date has been pushed back owing to the ongoing pandemic. Till then, these are some of the weirdest cryptocurrencies out there in the market.

The crypto market is not regulated regularly, which owes to the presence of such weird coins. However, all of them are quite accessible, and if you are on the lookout to buy a bizarre coin, try considering one out of these five coins. Well, you never know, these coins might be the next big thing in the market.